Have a great year ahead !


New Year Card 2009

Wishing you folks a great year ahead !
Let’s simply make year 2009 a blast !



A birthday wish & a prayer …

Happy 73rd Birthday & my prayers for you

Have a very happy birthday & may you live a long and happy life !

This is a special birthday wish that goes out to my English student whom I’ve just begin tutoring. He turned 73 years old on this day, the 5th September 2008. Wow, just imagine … born in the year of 1935 ! *phew* Anyway, I just got an e-mail from his wife saying that he is being diagnosed by a doctor that he might have the Parkinson’s disease. After our lesson last Tuesday night, he went for an overnight stay at a specialist hospital to get a medical check-up. His wife, who is also a student of mine, was worried about him because he was getting real forgetful about things and also getting slow in his actions, which I can notice as well from the speed of his writing during our lessons. Anyway, we are still hoping for the best that nothing is going to be serious and we are still waiting for the final say about this matter. For this is a birthday wish and also at the same time, it is also my prayers that you will be fine. May the good Lord hear our prayers.

Lovely sister turned 21 today

Born on the 30th April 1987, Jennifer Soh Li Wen, my one and only beloved sister, has just turned 21 years old today, which she refers as the “legal age” as we, in Malaysia, are considered official citizens of Malaysia at this age. She used to be real soft-spoken, timid and always have been a cry baby. Though she is still a cry baby (hehe, I know you are dear) when things don’t go the right way, the way she wants, now, she’s much stronger now I believe, taking big actions and deciding things on her two feet and being her brother makes me proud to see how much she has grown up after 21 years being my little sister. I can’t tell you, dear, how happy I was when I heard that you got into Universiti Malaya, the most prestigious university in our homeland and looking at you making your first step towards the life that you are to seek from now. Take time and for sure, God will let you know his plans for you in his right timing and when you do, trust me, you will enjoy the enlightenment for I know your heart really yearns very much for the compass of life to point somewhere, to something concrete.

My message to Jennifer

Sis, I know I’ve always been strict with you and
it is much because you are my sister. I have always
and will always wish the best for you and I want you
to know once again this day, that you can always count
on me for anything. Just remember to always have the guts
to dream on and as long as you keep that in mind,
all things can be made possible !

From your loving brother,

Jennifer’s first reply

Thank you very much, Ko…
So touched…
My connection here is very low and slow..
So, I have yet to view the webpage..
Nevertheless, thank you so much for everything…
I don’t think I have made the wrong choice in my field of studies…
I myself wouldn’t know whether I can survive inthe media line or not..
So, being a broadcast journalist may just be a saying only…
I still have many thoughtless choices…
I’ll give myself more chances to explore and see what suits me the most…
For now, I accept everything that comes around…
Who knows, it may benefit me somewhere…
I’ll work hard, don’t worry so much about me..
I’m 21, it’s time for me to stand on my own feet and walk the way of my own life.

Jennifer’s second reply

I’ve seen the message on your website for me..
Again, my tears automatically roll on my cheeks again…
How fast have we grown!
I’m already 21 and you’ll be 26 soon…
Today is another boring day at the hostel…
Almost every day I eat egg but it’s ok…
I’ll have pizza ordered later with my friends…
Since it’s exam season, everyone is either busy studying
or finished their exams and packed back home…
I’ll be home on Saturday and Mom and Dad will plan a dinner for me…
As we grow, Mom and Dad get older..
Looking forward to see you coming back but when you leave again,
it’s another page of sadness for me even though many years have past
but I still have the same feeling…
Like when you write anything to me or when I hear your voice,
I’ll sure have my tears ready to explode from my eyes like a volcano!
I wanna study now again, so take care and
I’m really happy to have such a nice brother like you…
The connection is fluctuating, so I better take this chance
to send this reply to you asap..
Dun worry, I washed my face already..
Love and miss you dearly…

My short reply

As long as my message has reached you,
I am happy enough.
See you when I go back in June.