8th Chinese New Year, not being at home


Chinese New Year 2009

May the year of Cow brings everyone joy and happy laughters !

It’s a “Moo – Moo” year everyone ! 🙂



How well do you know Uniqlo ?

Have you heard of Uniqlo ?

Asano modeling with Chloe Sevigny for Uniqlo


March 5, 2008 (New York, NY)– This spring, UNIQLO’s creative wheels are turning once again with the return of the UT Project (UT stands for UNIQLO t-shirt), a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by renowned artists, designers, photographers, etc. Arriving in stores on March 17th, with deliveries throughout the season, this collection features t-shirts from famed artists Keith Harring and Basquiat, among other designers and artists. Reasonably priced from around $15.50 and offering styles for men, women and children, there is sure to be a style for everyone. These t-shirts will be available in UNIQLO stores worldwide.

To complement this truly innovative idea, UNIQLO is rolling out an advertising campaign featuring Chloe Sevigny and Tadanobu Asano, a Japanese actor, shot by photographer Dan Jackson. This campaign will be featured in wildpostings, a type of viral guerilla-style image campaign, as well as full pages in Time Out New York, AM New York and the New York Post, commencing on April 10th.

“”UT is about self expression, so we took this as our starting point for the campaign. With Tadanobu Asano and Chloe Sevigny, we had them express various characters and emotions that they found in the t-shirt designs. We wanted them to bring the designs to life,” said Markus Kiersztan, owner of MP Creative and consulting creative director for UNIQLO.

The UT Project will continue to be an important initiative for UNIQLO in the future as illustrated by the launch of the interactive UT Grand Prix Program, which enables artists from all over the world to submit a t-shirt design to possibly be sold as a t-shirt at UNIQLO. The UT Grand Prix is certain to make design more fun and adds another interesting layer to the UT Project. This project commences on April 16th and will be carried out over the months following.


Clothing says a lot, but you can say it better. UNIQLO designs, manufactures, markets and sells casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day. Rather than dictate a look, UNIQLO provides people everywhere with the piece they need to create their own style. And style comes from within, which is why the UNIQLO logo is nearly invisible, tucked away inside the garment.

This concept, along with an unwavering focus on quality and value, has guided UNIQLO’s actions since the establishment of its first store in 1984 Hiroshima, Japan. Today UNIQLO has grown to over 760 UNIQLO stores worldwide and is household name in Japan.

From t-shirts and sweaters to denim, outerwear and trend items, all of our clothes are made according to exacting Japanese standards for quality and come in an astonishing variety of colors and styles. UNIQLO is committed to providing customers with true excellence and innovation in casual wear, from the design and functionality to the fit and color choices. As a company, UNIQLO controls every stage of the creation of its products—from the fabric used to the stringent production control program at the factory and finally to the display at the store. We use the world’s best resources to give customers something better every time.

UNIQLO is a brand of FAST RETAILING and among the top 10 specialty apparel retailers in the world. Other group companies include Theory in the U.S., COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS and Princesse tam.tam in France, and g.u., CABIN, ONE ZONE, FOOT PARK, VIEW COMPANY and ASPESI in Japan. For more information, visit www.uniqlo.com or www.fastretailing.com.


For those of us who came to Japan about 8 years ago, when you hear this brand, it was like cheap and good quality products for foreign students like us. We could get clothings, ranging from spring to winter, at very reasonable prices and it has long to be known in Japan as “cheap stuffs brand”. Well, Uniqlo, now, not that cheap anymore, after they have rebuilt their brand power overseas, trying to gain a status in the international market by empowering themselves through new designs and collaborative ideas with designers, artists and even photographers. I’ve heard from my friend who used to stay in London saying that it is rather a popular Japanese brand and it is not that cheap there. I love the designs of the UT Project this time (1500 yen per T-shirt) and planning to get myself a few once money gets in. The shore at Harajuku is pretty cool so if you haven’t check it out, please do. The YouTube video below will give you a rough preview on how it really looks like. Enjoy.