Merry Christmas to You, You and You !


A postcard has just arrived for you …

Christmas Card 2008


Kanji of the Year


Kanji for the year 2008 : 『変』

For further informaton, check the Wikipedia.


Kanji of the Year 1995 - 2008

In Japan, they started using a 漢字, 【Kanji】 (which means Chinese character)

to represent the whole year from 1995.


For this year, the keyword is “change” as in the frequent changing of the Japanese Prime Ministers (Abe to Fukuda to Aso), Mr. Obama winning the American Presidency elections spreading the word ‘change’ globally and also the obvious and serious economical and ecological changes around the world. The word “変” is read as “hen” (for the Chinese reading 音読み) and “kawari” (for the Japanese reading 訓読み). It mainly means change but it also means weird. There were many changes in this year and of course, a very weird year indeed as well. Anyway, we all are hoping for better changes in the world, no matter where we are. What will year 2009 have in store for us ? Let’s get surprised. Hopefully, surprised in a good way.


Winter shopping 2008


Shopping galore !


Winter Shopping 2008


The online magazine that is delivered to my Gmail informed me that Uniqlo is having a sale till Nov 24th and that’s when I knew I had to grab the items above that I’ve been wanting to have. Feeling all content right now & I promised myself, “That’s it for this year !”. Have you done your winter shopping yet ?


Barack Obama for the 44th President of the U.S.A.


Historic win, indeed !


Thank you banner from Barack Obama

Obama proved that “change” can happen.


It’s official that the 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama, backed up by his vice, Joe Biden. Obama is no more longer a Senator Barack Obama, he’s now the Mr. President Barack Obama. It’s amazing to witness the win of what once regarded impossible, of course, but also to see how much attention the world is giving to this long lingering election which had finally come to an end. Nothing will change overnight but it is definitely a start of a new world. Obama has the voice, the resilient voice to utter out the messages that were growing in him. Now, I guess the eyes of the world are going to be diverged to see how he’s going to lead the weakening country and also on how he’s going to face all of the many unsolved major problems in the world. At least, I think I can believe that he would be a President who won’t simply start a war for any reasons (18 out of 43 past presidents were not involved in any wars, just see who the rest were and they make the majority). Congratulations, USA, I do believe you’ve made the right choice. May peace really be with us.


Happy November !

A quick update !

Had a wonderful time being a clown and danced all night at the Ageha Halloween Party 2008 !

It was Ben’s birthday as well, Happy Birthday Ben ! 😀


A Birthday Wish to Shu Li !

Here’s your card dear ! Have a blast today and have a great year ahead !

Yachting experience. A taste of the rich man’s world.

Captain Endoru experiencing his first cruising

It’s definitely a rich man’s world to own such a beautiful yacht

Yachting. When you hear about yachting, what do you imagine? To me, a person who owns a yacht must be real rich as the first condition and indeed not something for me to experience at this age but my dear friend Mya and I were really privileged that a mutual rich acquaintance of ours (our captain wants to keep a low profile so sorry, no pictures of him *hehe*) who was kind enough to invite us onto his yacht beautifully named “Scheherazade”, after the name of the queen in the story of the Arabian nights. It was definitely an enjoyable experience to go cruising around the Tokyo bay and let the wind guide the sails throughout the whole expedition. Definitely looking forward to the next invitation ! Thanks, Captain !

Here are some albums of pictures of the trip for you to see. Enjoy !

Album 1 :
Album 2 :
Album 3 :

Utada Hikaru: Prisoner of Love

Prisoner of Love

A snippet shot from her promotion video for this song

The promotion video from her latest released single

I’m a prisoner of love
Prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love
I’m just a prisoner of love
A prisoner of love

笑って 嫌気がさして


I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love


I’m gonna tell you the truth

I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh もう少しだよ
Don’t you give up
Oh 見捨てない 絶対に

I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me

Drama “Last Friends”, on heavy topics like DV and GID

The song “Prisoner of Love” is currently the theme song for a new drama entitled “Last Friends” as you can see from the video above. Saw Hikki’s performance on SMAP x SMAP on TV today and she was singing this song and totally loved it. Will definitely get my hands on the single CD which is going to come along with a DVD (out in May). You can see the preview of the promotion video at her homepage right now. Love your song, Hikki ! Check the song out on my Music Box ! Anyway, I’ve just watched the 1st episode of “Last Friends” and it was definitely a good drama. A drama with heavy social topics like domestic violence (DV) and gender identity disorder (GID). Looking forward to the next episode very much and the song truly suited the drama very, very much. For those of you in Japan, be sure to check it out on Fuji Television, every Thursday 10 pm.