Well, hello, my tatami room


Abandoned, just simply too long


Trust me. This blog is still the home page for my web browsers for those of you who are … wondering. I know how pathetic it is to keep a blog that hasn’t been updated since the New Year (side note: I did complain at people for not updating much); but, hey, please be happy for me since it shows that in a way, I was ‘tied up’ … a proof that life’s actually been happening, naturally looking at this dusty blog of mine, or perhaps I should restate that Facebook & Twittering were enough to update everyone with all the tiny little events in my humble life.

So, what triggered me to jot down a few lines in my tatami room. Nothing actually, just a random kick in myself after watching 2 movies on a Sunday morning (Multiple Sarcasms & Youth in Revolt, for curious individuals) when I should have been studying actually for the coming exams. Oh well, exams don’t intrigue me at all (a passive, not active learner – in other words, I’d say I prefer to absorb things as I run, I don’t run to things to absorb them. Get me?) and somehow all the last minute trainings back in school life turns to be handy even now. Squeezing them into the temporary memory, zipping them up in packages and then unzip them to fill in the blank pages at a well, acceptable extraction quality.

This blog had been a good partner to record significant events in life (see how I put this line in past tense), sharing whatsoever that interests me as they throttle down my lane. It’s actually funny to see how this blog links me with all the people who actually bumped into it. Mostly they are my colleagues at work as some of them were searching for details of my current job and randomly, got to know that I scribbled about my joy of getting the job that changed my dreaded life of engineering.

So, how’s work life? That’s one of the questions I always get lately. People seems to be so “creative” or perhaps, they just don’t know much enough on what I am up to (don’t blame them) and they’d eventually land on the same boring question. Life’s good, I would always tell them and I would quote my junior who commented on my Mixi blog (the largest SNS site in Japan – I, somehow, manage to update daily as a routine now) stating that,


“Hey, Endoru, how come it hits me that you are enjoying working life than student life?”


Urm, hello, if you’ve been following with what I’ve gone through in that dark age, you’d agree that I am having a hell good time of life now much more.

As how one of my Facebook status update goes, “I feel like a financial analyst on weekdays and a career consultant/therapist on the weekends.” I even, continued by commenting on my own status update, “Filling up e-mails with my ideas/advices/thoughts for their wearies. Shooting sentences of motivation and slaps of reality to help one to measure his/her abilities. Dream, reality, how. If I got all the answers, I would be God but am glad somehow people repetitively revisit me as they face different phases of life. I can only and only share based on my experiences and limited knowledge, connecting dots to dots hopefully they turn into lines and finally become stereoscopic visions for them.”

Another junior suggested that I should set up some FAQs on my blog. I politely rejected by stating, “Good idea. But actually, my dear customers do not only comes from engineering line. Anyway, I can pass to some others who seem to be on the right track like yourself. Every single one has their own unique worries and I prefer to talk to each of them directly for those I give a damn for – again, I do have the rights to choose on my side as well and I don’t just cater anyone who comes to me. Some people take me for granted (those that comes to you only when they find you useful) and those are not worth for me to “waste my saliva”. I don’t like the idea of preparing a go-to-Bible for everyone since it doesn’t work like the debate: Holy Bible is correct, Al-Quran is correct.”

That’s how life is for me now. Somehow, I get to practice my passion a bit, time to time, in the HR related department. I used to aspire to be a psychologist or therapist and I see that that could be a side dish. I like to share and be bluntly truthful and honest (perhaps an urge after suffering years pushing myself doing things I discern). Advices … some may say, but I don’t like to put it that way for advices have responsibilities tagged to it and I just like to express it as an action of laying out some stories for people to see so that very person could take it as a reference, consuming only what’s relevant for them and slowly digested, not meant to be swallowed without giving much thought on it.

Finance, HR or venture capital. Those were the 3 choices I had for my job offers back in school bench – I am now on finance for my rice bowl and HR for side dish. Venture capital will come into vision when I get more ready as I move on. People do hit me with big questions and I see that everyone goes through the same loop in their mind. It’s good for me for it reminds me to perk myself up when I get mundane or just too comfy in own life zone. Oh well, human are just greedy beings trying to achieve things beyond their limits and just have the tendency to want to fail in life when traveling too down that spiral of self-dooming.

Enough rants from me this time. When will be my next, I do wonder too. I do plan to write more, of course. I am finally making my move from Chiba to Tokyo. Pay extra for rent just to buy time for other things. Weighed my choices on the scale and made my decision and final, so to speak. Alright, I wish you all a good Sunday and I am making ZzzZ’s till I wake up again with my next attempt to tackle exams & moving preparations. Au revoir and peace.


A Simple Update


Spring: A season of changes and farewells


Since I became a heavy user of Facebook (will be light one once my work starts to pile up), updating my blog seems to have become like a burden since I will be repeating all the stuff that I update in the status in Facebook but I guess it is good to keep this page alive for other readers who aren’t in Facebook. To keep this post simple, since I have other tasks in mind to do, I will just sum up the core events that has been happening in my life lately. Till my next post, stay tune.


  • First: I’ve graduated on the 25th March 2009 and I am officially a master degree holder in Engineering.


Graduation ceremony Pic 1

Me at the graduation ceremony with Teruko and Jose


The certificate I worked for 2 years

The certificate that I earned after 2 years of hard work


  • Second: I’ve bid my two Malaysian friends farewell who were going back to homeland for good.


Farewell gathering for Ching Foa and Darren

Farewell gathering for Ching Foa and Darren


  • Third: My work life with GE began officially on the 1st April 2009.


My fellow colleagues

Me and my fellow super-talented colleagues


My name plate

Am officially with GE, the company that values “imagination at work”


Spelling errors


Mind your English language

It doesn’t hurt at all to be careful with your spellings.


Common spelling mistakes

Some of the common spelling mistakes that I see that bothers me a bit.


If you are a Firefox user, then you should try to install the dictionary from the add-ons that will automatically check your spelling after you’ve typed each word. Sometimes, you may not have done the mistake on purpose and this will help a lot in avoiding you from doing all those silly spelling errors especially when you update your status in Facebook or when you Twitter. The dictionary add-on is also available in other languages as well. Just a tip for those who thinks that they do tend to err or those who does all the mistakes stated above. *hehe* Being careful with your spellings will help not only you but also those around you, especially little ones who are still learning how to spell right. Just remember, the cyber space is for the eyes of all so let’s make it a better place by doing this small step. About grammatical errors, well, we just have to put that responsibility on the English teachers, don’t we?


Pondering on matters like treating other people good and get nothing in return

Alright, hush hush, I know I’ve not been updating well lately. It’s been like how to say, well, another lapse of time that I’ve been through again and again, realizing that, each time I go through those mazes repetitively, I can only get those matters solved as long as I keep go on moving with life, instead of banging my head on those petty matters that goes buzzing around my mind all the time. What sort of matters … they come in all sorts of form, which bothers you a lot, by making you miserable all day long and sometimes even giving you insomnias, torturing you by putting you into those sleepless zones and your mind simply go rewinding and replaying about them, puzzling yourself with their outrageous characters which in the end sorts out that hey, maybe I will realize about something that links to those matters some time in the future. In other words, I just have to walk on further in this life to know those solutions to the current issues in my head.

Anyway, this is just the usual me. I guess it is just in my nature to think about trivial matters too seriously, which may end up having myself lazing around doing nothing the whole day, getting my room messed up during the whole process, my nights turn into days and days into nights … well, all the things that can happen to you when you can’t control yourself well. Am I turning into a psycho, well, I don’t know the real definition of it but I think I’m still sane, for those who are worrying. Thanks anyway. Trust me, for those who had been reading my blogs in the early days, they know I’m back. Endoruism is back. *hehe*

I guess those were those days which pissed one of my “friend”s off when she mentioned to me, not straight to my face but through 2 lousy e-mails (the first one got me to stop commenting on her blog for half a year and the second one got me deleting every single comment I wrote on her blog) saying something like “I don’t write about my life like hopping onto a train at 9 am bla bla, like you (as in me, Endoru). My blog is to inspire people.” Well, I tell you what, “friend”, who gives a damn about what you say about my blog. This is my blog and I will decorate it with my words and my style, suiting my way and forgive me, if my blog’s ain’t as inspiring as yours. Yes, she did tell me that I’m not obligated to comment on every single posts of her blog and telling me that it is there to inspire people. Oh well, you can kiss my ass if you think I am not good enough to comment on your blog. I gave my ideas or perhaps, criticism as I liked, concrete or not, when I felt that what you’ve written is not inspiring me. I feel disgusted to actually feel like a friend who’s trying to give his two cents on the matters your brought up on your blog. I’ll let you act the smart, always positive self you in front of your so-called intelligent elites network of yours for I know that the more I read, the more I feel that you are fooling yourself, restricting certain people to comment on your public blog.

Oh well, enough said about that lousy lady. I don’t deserve to feel miserable for other peoples’ actions towards me. Am I drunk? No, I’m perfectly fine, fine as a fiddle. Here I am awake on a Saturday morning, went through a night of insomnia, watched 2 movies to blow up time and I think the culprit may be the Olympics Grand Opening in Beijing (Zhang Yi Mou, nice performance but I think you could’ve done better and I guess the government must have cut down cost like the “bird nest” stadium which initially had a better budget) which got me all excited about the coming weeks of world class sports. Anyway, just popped some ice into a glass and poured in some unsweetened Japanese soy milk  (We, Malaysians, prefer them sweetened for that’s our style back at home), sipping it to cool down the adrenalin in this hot humid summer in Japan and swallowed down a Norvasc 5mg (a tablet by Pfizer for hyper-tension, did I mention to everyone that I’m diagnosed with that at this age? Well, my mom’s mom and my mom got it so it runs in the family so the doctor said that it is probably genetic and I should pop a tablet everyday to make sure my pressure stays normal) and then, I was hoping to get myself to sleep.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned earlier, my mind went wandering off again and I could not sleep so that’s why this blog post is up. Well, somehow in the past two years, I felt really empty I guess after getting disappointed with people around me and that is I guess what has been bothering me a lot lately and I seem not to be able to get the answer to why things could not be more fair or people to be more human-like. You see, I got raised up in a very nice simple family and my family did thought me the right values and virtues that I’ve been keeping to since young. I guess life is just like those dramas or Disney movies, where a young bird leaves the safety of his nest, discovering all the wickedness and ugliness in the world and feeling so awfully rejected by it. You see, I gave up tolerating and treating other people good after experiencing a few major issues with people around me throughout my going to be 26 years of life. I’ll leave the details behind but to those people who are close enough to me knows about them.

Oh well, trusting in people, caring for them but in the end, get back stabbed with unbelievable actions which makes trusting people and caring for people all so dumb because it ends up hurting yourself. So, I thought to myself, I’ll be selfish like everyone else and to hell to what happens to them and I go my life on my own pace. Rejecting kindness and not giving any of it seemed to be the right answer in the beginning but all it has done is to leave emptiness in my heart which is not a happy consequence that I’ve wanted for a fulfilling life. I was thinking about this emptiness again today, hoping to find an answer on how I should be from now on and somehow, the words of my uncle (the one married to my mom’s 2nd sister with 2 sons who lives nearby) during the wedding buffet of my youngest uncle (my mom’s youngest brother) while we were drinking our beers (this happened in my last trip back home in June), clicked.

This is what he had mentioned to me. “You see, in life, you will make all sorts of friends. I’ve got a friend who came up to me and asked me to lend him some money. I asked him how much he needed and he said a big sum. I told him I’ve got a family to take care also but as a friend, I could only lend him the certain amount of money I could at that time. I lent him the money and till today, he hasn’t pay me back. So, what must I do? Go to him and ask him to pay me back? No, I won’t do so. Why? You see, if he has the money or still remembers me as a kind friend, he would come back and return it to me for my good deed. Since he hasn’t, that means he has no money or he had just cheated my money off just for the sake of the term friendship. But I tell you what, I knew that the moment I gave him the money, I am giving up the money. Not to say that I don’t trust him but it is like investment, when you hand out the money, you can think that it is no longer yours. So, be wise to think that selflessness is to be done without expecting for a return. Selfishness is not good but you have to see whether you have space in your heart to be selfless. Be good to others and others may be good to you. If that’s so, that would be jolly good and we should be thankful for it. But, never get too disappointed when they don’t or even betray you. Your deed is noted somehow and fate will repay you somehow in the future in a different way in those. Just trust in that fate when you want to be kind.”

There, I rest my case. I will learn to trust and be kind to others again from now on. It is a step for me to be as big hearted as my uncle in the future. There’s so much to learn from the experiences of our senior adults so, advices to those who are experiencing the same roller-coaster rides. Some people may say we are dumb to think too much over these so-called trivial things but I want to believe that, for us, those who really gives time to ourselves to sort things out that may matter to us at that very moment, all the hard work squeezing our mind will pay off some day. Let’s call this process of maturing, self discovery, identity construction … whatever it may be, I guess as long as we are in the human zone, we all have to get through this phase. So, I think there is nothing to be shy off to actually be frank especially with yourself. I am going to stay that way no matter how dumb I feel (dumb as in I feel like I took ages to actually discover something and feel like I’ve wasted so much good time) after each time I go through those phases, I believe the time I invested in, no matter how inefficient it was used, things will fall into places eventually to teach us and things do happen for a reason. All I need to do is to sharpen my abilities for effectiveness so that I won’t stall too long until the day I really have to stay static six feet underground (yeah, I don’t feel like being cremated when I die. I prefer to think that I let bacterias and maggots feast on my physical flesh to make sure circle of life goes on). To me, honesty and frankness are the best policies. Be as natural as you can be, be yourself at that very spur of the moment. Signing off now, so long till my next post. I’ll hit the sack now and perhaps I will be in a nicer mode the next time.

P.S. Sorry if I’ve disgusted you in anyway. For those who did not know this Endoruism, welcome to know a different part of me if I am considered not conducting the usual I for you from how you judge from this blog post. That would be a new discovery for you then. Eureka !

Bloody matters

Scared of the needle ? I’m not.

The Japan Red Cross Society of the Chiba Port visits my campus about 3 times a year, to hold a one week campaign each time they do come, in order to collect blood from kind university students or staffs. According to them, their ideal target is to have 100 donors per day and reaching that target is not such a simple task for many are pretty selfish or just afraid of the thought of a big fat needle has to go through their vein which hinders them from intervening into the whole noble act. Anyway, I missed once last autumn so I was really eager to do it this time, the moment I noticed their tent was up to suck blood from fellow donors. I made my way to the tent, proudly slipped out my donor card from my wallet and got 400mL of my type A+ blood sucked out of my body after getting a simple blood pressure and blood concentration test.

Their tent has the words “Give Blood, Save Life” printed on it, although I think it should be more towards “Give Blood, Save Lives”, but I guess saving one life is good enough as long as we have the heart for it. Well, let’s say I am pretty much a frequent customer for it was my 7th time donating my blood here in Japan, wishing somehow my blood would be precious enough to actually save lives. I’m always happy whenever the nurses tell me that they really thank me on behalf of the people who were in need of it. Anyway, here in Japan, they will give you stuffs like instant noodles or snack bars as a token of appreciation for donating. This time I’ve got myself 3 bars of Soyjoy, a new snack bar made of soy beans and dried fruits, which is supposed to be some healthy diet snack (urm, they don’t taste that good actually so I think it is healthy.)

Actually, I’ve bumped into an article by COLORS magazine a while ago while surfing the net (a multilingual quarterly magazine developed in Italy by Fabrica, Benetton’s research center) on their latest issue #73 entitled “Money” and it is actually an interesting issue which is based on money, with sections divided by the different traces of materials found on paper money analyzed in a lab. Waste, blood, metal, ash, oil, cocaine, soil, skin, silicon, feces, plastic, cellulose, ink. Yes, among those it was the topic of blood, a common biological material that can be found on money. In this section, it touches on the blood black market issue in Iraq. Here’s a transcript from one of the related websites, “In Baghdad, on the other hand, blood is lost in litres and replaced in cash – US$3,500 to be precise; the amount Sayef paid on the black market for his son’s transfusions.” Anyway, if you want to check on this section, there’s a PDF version of it on this fantastic website version of the issue #73.

It’s pretty ironic that certain people get highly paid or even have to pay a big lump some in Iraq for blood and here I am in Japan, willingly to give out my blood for free but I believe some people out there in the world who would really want my blood to actually exchange for money to survive in this expensive world we are in. I’ve done 7 blood donations, 6 times of 400mL and 1 time of 200mL (the first time when I was in Kumamoto did not worked well so they only took 200mL) which equals up to 2.6 litres and I really wonder how much that would worth in Iraq for blood transfusion. Anyway, the world is pretty much a wrecked up place where such illegal deals have to be done but I’m happy that I am just doing my share of what I can do here in the richer side of the world.

I know there are people who are afraid of the needle but am I weird to say that I kinda like blood donation a lot ? *hehe* Well, perhaps there is something fetish in me when it comes to blood donation. Anyway, I really am inclined to bloody matters nowadays because I am actually working on my research now to actually find a method to actually separate the digital image of your face into melanin and hemoglobin components. It is a method that many cosmetics companies would want to get their hands on as an invasive method to know the concentration of melanin (the pigment that makes your skin tan) and hemoglobin (in simple term, blood) in your skin in order to prescribe a good product for your skin. Anyway, those are the bloody matters that I’ve been linked to lately and thought of sharing them with you. Comment if you want to. Peace.

Introducing Japan’s rush hour train

Human tuna can

This is exactly how it looks like. Yes, they do “push”. *hehe* I guess I will face that more next year onwards when I do really start working. I was never into the idea of owning a car but perhaps, when I do get myself enough money and tired of being squashed into a moving public transport like this, I may consider owning one.

Ain’t something new

Ethnic anger on the rise in Malaysia

From IHT


Malaysian Indian’s Protest


KUALA LUMPUR: The customers of Malaysian Indian Casket, a small shop on the outskirts of this modern and cosmopolitan city, come in all different sizes: standard coffins clutter the entrance, child-size boxes are stacked high on the shelves and extra-large models, those for the tallest of the deceased, are stored in the back.

But there is no variety in the ethnic background of the clientele.

“All the customers are Indian,” said Aru Maniam, a shop salesman.

In death as in life, Malaysians are divided by ethnicity. The country’s main ethnic groups – Malays, Chinese and Indians – have their own political parties, schools, newspapers and, in the case of Malays, a separate Islamic legal system.

For years this segregation was promoted as the best formula for social harmony in a country that advertises itself as “Truly Asia,” a place where the palette of skin colors is as diverse as the mosques, churches and Hindu and Buddhist temples that dot the landscape.

But in recent months ethnic relations here have deteriorated to a level that many find alarming. After years of muffled tensions over religious conversions, government funding for minority schools and a longstanding system of special privileges for Malays, the dominant group, ethnic anger has burst to the forefront of Malaysian politics.

In November, Indians, who make up less than 10 percent of the population of about 25 million and are disproportionately poor, led a protest march through Kuala Lumpur, the first large-scale ethnically motivated street demonstration in almost four decades. They announced a largely symbolic $4 trillion class-action lawsuit against the British government, the colonial rulers, for bringing them as indentured laborers to the region, “exploiting them for 150 years” and allowing them to be marginalized.

The police broke up the demonstration with water cannon and tear gas and arrested five representatives of a group called the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, which led the protests. The five men are being held indefinitely and without trial under an internal security law.

“This is a country that is in search of soul, in search of a common mission,” said Charles Santiago, coordinator of the Group of Concerned Citizens, an organization that seeks solutions to ethnic strife in the country. Malaysians, he said, are feeling more threatened by common problems such as crime and cost-of-living increases, but at the same time are increasingly divided by ethnicity.

The past six months have seen an unusual number of street demonstrations in Malaysia, a country where the police for decades have systematically denied permits for demonstrations in an effort to keep political quarrels off the streets. Frustration has grown with the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who promised to sweep away corruption and make government more accountable when he came to power five years ago.

In September, the country’s Bar Council marshaled thousands of lawyers for a demonstration demanding judicial independence after a video clip surfaced of a top lawyer apparently negotiating judicial appointments. In November, a coalition of activist groups organized a demonstration of at least 10,000 people calling for clean and fair elections. Last Saturday, opposition groups demonstrated against rising prices of food and fuel, the second such protest in six months.

The Indians’ anger appears to have rattled the government the most. Abdullah sought to woo back Indians by declaring the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, which was celebrated Jan. 23, a federal holiday. A court decision in a highly emotional dispute over whether an Indian man should be buried according to Hindu or Muslim rites has been postponed indefinitely.

Analysts say race relations could become more tense as the country prepares for elections, which are widely expected to be called for March.

“It will be a racialized campaign, there’s no question,” said Bridget Welsh, a specialist in Malaysian politics at Johns Hopkins University-SAIS in Washington.

An opinion poll made public last Friday by the Merdeka Center (www.merdeka.org) showed support for the government among non-Malays plummeting. Only 38 percent of Indians and 42 percent of Chinese said they strongly or somewhat approved of Abdullah’s job performance, by far the lowest rating for the prime minister. When he came to power, he had an overall approval rating of 91 percent.

His overall approval rating in the new poll was 61 percent, a poor showing for Malaysia, where the opposition is weak. Almost two-thirds of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the way the government was handling issues of ethnicity and inequality.

The survey, conducted by phone in December among 1,026 randomly selected registered voters, had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

“Indian support for the government is the worst it’s ever been in the country’s history,” Welsh said. “It’s profound. Indians have traditionally supported the government the highest.”

With Chinese voters also angry at the government – mainly over its handling of the economy – Welsh says the government risks losing control of the state of Penang, where ethnic Chinese form a plurality, as well as a handful of parliamentary seats scattered across the country.

There is little risk that the coalition of Malay, Chinese and Indian parties known as the National Front, which has governed the country since independence from Britain in 1957, will lose its majority. Even though the coalition won only 64 percent of the popular vote in 2004, it controls more than 90 percent of the seats in Parliament, partly because after five decades in power the government has gerrymandered constituencies to its advantage.

But analysts fear that ethnic frictions could increase as Chinese and Indian representation in the government weakens.

Underpinning the anger of the Chinese and Indians is an affirmative action program in place for 37 years that favors Malays and other smaller indigenous ethnic groups collectively known as bumiputra, literally “sons of the soil.”

Bumiputra make up 60 percent of the population but have 87 percent of government jobs. They receive discounts of 5 to 10 percent on new homes and have a reserved quota of 30 percent of any newly listed company on the stock market. Newspapers are filled with notices of government construction contracts exclusively reserved for companies controlled by bumiputra.

“It’s completely unacceptable that you cannot get awarded a contract just because of the color of your skin,” said Lim Guan Eng, the secretary general of the Democratic Action Party, the leading opposition party in Parliament. “That grates tremendously. We are treated as though we are third- or fourth-class citizens.”

The bulk of the Chinese and Indians came or were brought to the Malay Peninsula while it was still a British colony to work in tin mines or on rubber plantations, although some Chinese, known as Peranakan, came as long as five centuries ago.

Yet Malaysia’s ethnic classification is complicated by the fact that race is often an imprecise concept in Southeast Asia. Malays are a vaguely defined group that trace their ancestry to the Indonesian islands of Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra or as far as Arabia and India.

Lim points out that the father of Mohamed Khir Toyo, the chief minister of Selangor State, came from Indonesia. Yet his son is considered a bumiputra, while an ethnic Chinese person whose family has lived in Malaysia for centuries would still not qualify as indigenous.

The biggest losers in the current system are Indians, who, according to government statistics, make up 9 percent of the labor force but hold 16 percent of menial jobs and control just 1.2 percent of equity in registered companies in the country.

Indians are not aided by the affirmative action program, because it is based on ethnicity, not need.

More than economic issues, said Santiago of the Group of Concerned Citizens, Indians were infuriated by the highly publicized case of a Malaysian soldier, Maniam Moorthy, who died in 2005 and whose body was claimed by the Islamic authorities for Muslim burial.

The authorities claimed that Moorthy, who was born a Hindu, converted to Islam months before his death. Moorthy’s wife, Kaliammal Sinnasamy, sued in a civil court to obtain the body, but the court ruled that it had no jurisdiction because the matter had already been decided in an Islamic court. A ruling on Kaliammal’s appeal has been postponed indefinitely.

The case, one of at least a dozen similar ethno-religious disputes reported recently in Malaysian newspapers, became a cause célèbre among Indians.

“You can push us, you can cheat us, you can discriminate against us, but you can’t tell us that we’re not Hindus after we are dead,” Santiago said.
11 books on Islam banned

Malaysia has banned 11 books for allegedly giving a false portrayal of Islam, such as by linking the religion to terrorism and the mistreatment of women, an official said Wednesday, The Associated Press reported from Kuala Lumpur.

The government ordered the books – most of them released by American publishers – to be blacklisted this month “because they are not in line with what we call the Malaysian version of Islam,” said Che Din Yusoh, an official with the Internal Security Ministry’s publications control unit.

“Some of them ridicule Islam as a religion or the facts are wrong about Islam, like associating Islam with terrorism or saying Islam mistreats women,” he said.

The banned books include eight English-language ones, such as “The Two Faces of Islam: Saudi Fundamentalism and its Role in Terrorism,” “Secrets of the Quran: Revealing Insights Into Islam’s Holy Book” and “Women in Islam.” There are also three books written in the local Malay language.




Well, this ain’t no new to all of us, Malaysians. The matter that regards every single one of us but has been left unsolved for years. Am happy to see some movements because that at least shows that we are voicing out for a change. Being outside of the country, reading at how and what other people from other parts of the world write about our country, it teaches you a lot on the question “What’s my real identity as a Malaysian ?”. I think somehow that this article is a good summary of what has happened lately and welcome to know my dear country who’s still on the search of a unified identity. What will be the solutions ? It is not something easy, that’s for sure. If not, the government won’t be taking such a long time to resolve everything but hey, I am still putting high hopes on our young country to move ahead in the future. Peace.