A Simple Update


Spring: A season of changes and farewells


Since I became a heavy user of Facebook (will be light one once my work starts to pile up), updating my blog seems to have become like a burden since I will be repeating all the stuff that I update in the status in Facebook but I guess it is good to keep this page alive for other readers who aren’t in Facebook. To keep this post simple, since I have other tasks in mind to do, I will just sum up the core events that has been happening in my life lately. Till my next post, stay tune.


  • First: I’ve graduated on the 25th March 2009 and I am officially a master degree holder in Engineering.


Graduation ceremony Pic 1

Me at the graduation ceremony with Teruko and Jose


The certificate I worked for 2 years

The certificate that I earned after 2 years of hard work


  • Second: I’ve bid my two Malaysian friends farewell who were going back to homeland for good.


Farewell gathering for Ching Foa and Darren

Farewell gathering for Ching Foa and Darren


  • Third: My work life with GE began officially on the 1st April 2009.


My fellow colleagues

Me and my fellow super-talented colleagues


My name plate

Am officially with GE, the company that values “imagination at work”



3 thoughts on “A Simple Update

  1. Hey Andrew…
    Congratulations on your graduation!! So..how was the transformation from “student” to “GE Corporate”??

    Had the chance to meet eith Darren the day before he went back…Can’t wait for my turn now…

    All the best at work..

  2. Thanks Randy.
    The transformation part really shows you the big gap
    or shall I say the big leap to a totally different world
    as in the amount of responsibilities that you have to hold.
    Can’t wait for you turn to return back to Malaysia for good ?
    Or for the work life to start ?
    Anyway, enjoy your student life lah ! *hehe*

  3. Can’t wait for work life…
    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my students life, but I have lived long enough looking at a blackboard, with someone boring away lectures at me…

    I want something else in my life…that big leap.

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