Spelling errors


Mind your English language

It doesn’t hurt at all to be careful with your spellings.


Common spelling mistakes

Some of the common spelling mistakes that I see that bothers me a bit.


If you are a Firefox user, then you should try to install the dictionary from the add-ons that will automatically check your spelling after you’ve typed each word. Sometimes, you may not have done the mistake on purpose and this will help a lot in avoiding you from doing all those silly spelling errors especially when you update your status in Facebook or when you Twitter. The dictionary add-on is also available in other languages as well. Just a tip for those who thinks that they do tend to err or those who does all the mistakes stated above. *hehe* Being careful with your spellings will help not only you but also those around you, especially little ones who are still learning how to spell right. Just remember, the cyber space is for the eyes of all so let’s make it a better place by doing this small step. About grammatical errors, well, we just have to put that responsibility on the English teachers, don’t we?



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