Barack Obama for the 44th President of the U.S.A.


Historic win, indeed !


Thank you banner from Barack Obama

Obama proved that “change” can happen.


It’s official that the 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama, backed up by his vice, Joe Biden. Obama is no more longer a Senator Barack Obama, he’s now the Mr. President Barack Obama. It’s amazing to witness the win of what once regarded impossible, of course, but also to see how much attention the world is giving to this long lingering election which had finally come to an end. Nothing will change overnight but it is definitely a start of a new world. Obama has the voice, the resilient voice to utter out the messages that were growing in him. Now, I guess the eyes of the world are going to be diverged to see how he’s going to lead the weakening country and also on how he’s going to face all of the many unsolved major problems in the world. At least, I think I can believe that he would be a President who won’t simply start a war for any reasons (18 out of 43 past presidents were not involved in any wars, just see who the rest were and they make the majority). Congratulations, USA, I do believe you’ve made the right choice. May peace really be with us.



8 thoughts on “Barack Obama for the 44th President of the U.S.A.

  1. What an amazing day in American history! Dreams do come true! Did you all see how Oprah Winfrey revealed this week that she uses a vision board to visualize her goals and harness the power of intention? Oprah created a vision board, months ago, that emphasized Obama as president and the gown she intended to wear during his imagined inauguration.

    For anybody who doesn’t know, a vision board is collage of image that symbolizes a desired outcome. By looking at these images daily and imagining these desired outcomes – like accomplishing a goal – your brain becomes more honed in to making this reality. Many top athletes, entrepreneurs, presidents, and philanthropists have used vision boards to help them accomplish their goals.

    I know that on you can download a free chapter that includes the eight basic ingredients of a successful vision board.

  2. I am thrilled with his win. I do not expect him to keep all of his promises 100%, that’d be unrealistic, but I do believe that he will bring on some positive changes – not just for America but for all of us. His victory alone is exemplary that nothing is impossible.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t take promises as promises.
    Because there are always possibilities that they might not be realized.
    So, I would consider them as items being pin-pointed out.
    At least, that’s the blueprint for the rails to be built.
    Better have the blueprint rather than none and
    hopefully it will lead to the time where the rails are really constructed.

    Yes, positive changes.
    From the facial expressions of the Chicago people on the screen,
    I got a feeling many people revived innerly from him being chosen.
    It is also a way to tell those people who still mentions and
    judge people through old-fashion racist eyes to shut up
    and move on instead of discriminating people in that fashion.

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