Being 25 + 1

Am officially 26 today !

Today will just be like any other day. Nothing will change abruptly, obviously, except for the fact that I’ve survived 26 years on this face of the Earth and still am determined to continue to live on, as the clock ticks on till the day my age increases another unit on the very same date next year to have this same exact sentimental ride I am going through now. Please bear with me if you’ve heard the story all before already but I just always want to keep myself reminded on my birthdays about the fact that I was given a chance to live this life that I’ve led all along till now. Here how my story goes. Exactly 26 years ago, my father had a dilemma. It was his birthday on this date (yes, both of us share the same birthday) as well and it was on this day in year 1982, the doctor told him that it would be the choice between the life of his wife (my mom) or the life of his son (me).

My mom got a serious typhoid when she had me in her womb, a month before she was due to show me the world and she was of no sign getting better back then. My mom refuses to care about herself and selflessly, she had only one thing in her mind: to deliver his first son, no matter what. Well, since you all see me here in this world, to cut the story short, my determined mom managed to give birth to me and yes, we were both fine after all. I was born in Assunta Hospital in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, which is an industrial area in Malaysia, and was then pretty famous for I was nicknamed the “Typhoid Baby”. Not a cool name to have but was indeed a miracle baby to the doctors and nurses, so to say from all the stories I hear from my parents and relatives.

It actually crosses my mind right now, at this age, if both my mom and I did not make it or even if one of us didn’t make it, how terrible the existence of birthday would be from then for my dad for it would have turned into a death day as well.  I was brought into this world, into his arms and usually I would joke by teasing him, “Hey Dad, was I your burden on your 1982 birthday or was I a real gift ?” and he still hasn’t given me a concrete answer to that very question. I think I will try asking him again today when I call home for his birthday wish. The whole dilemma situation could have turned into a nightmare and I guess it was major relief for my dad that both of us, my mom and I, were fine 26 years ago. Well, no matter whether I am a gift or a burden, I am thankful for the life I have and also the lives of my family, for nothing compares to all the worldly gifts in the world than to have all of them to paint my life with their own unique colors. On this day, I simply want to say “thank you” for every single one who has made my life up till now possible. Happy Birthday, Endoru !


13 thoughts on “Being 25 + 1

  1. Happy birthday. Andrew.
    It’s a great story u r sharing. Thank u. I wish all the best come to u!
    And I am looking forward to hearing more great story happening on u.

  2. > Gai Gai
    Thanks for the message.
    Yeah, life is definitely a gift to me and
    that is why I appreciate it that much !
    More stories, yes, hopefully I will lead a life filled with great stories.

    > Uncle Swee Sien
    Hey Uncle, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the message ! 😀
    Missing home in moments like this because I know I can count
    on you all for a good treat and all but your two words “Happy Birthday” says everything.
    My friend told me 26 is the “gate to the 2nd quarter”.
    When I saw that, I was like thinking, “Whoa, next stop, 50 ?!?!”.
    Well, you are on your way first, so you go first ! 😀
    Thanks again and say hi to Pei See and Popo !

  3. Thanks Boon.
    Well, for now, it is going to be more 2 years for sure.
    I will have to see what lies beyond those 2 years to actually be sure.
    I plan to explore as much as I can so when good chances come, I will take it.
    Anyway, I will keep myself based in Japan for it is the place I am most comfortable with.

  4. Happy birthday, Andrew, and may God bless you always! That’s a wonderful miracle story. Never knew about it until now. I’m glad you shared it with all of us. Life is a wonderful gift, and I am thankful that you are here today, and that you and your mom are well despite the difficulty during your birth.

  5. Thanks Munira, once again ! 🙂
    Yeah, I’ve actually shared the story before in my old blog last year
    and I am repeating it for the reason stated in the post.
    Life is a wonderful gift indeed, and that’s pretty much the
    reason for me to live on faithfully and to keep myself driven,
    I really need to be reminded like this when I get out of track ! 😀

  6. First of all, Happy Birthday to you 🙂
    May you be blessed with good health, and happy always.
    It was quite a story you have here, and it is indeed a heart-warming story.
    If you have not written it down here, we wouldn’t have know the story behind the existence of Andrew 😛

  7. Hey Calvin, thanks for the good wishes. I need them ! 🙂
    Yeah, my existence … the story above simply reminds me
    the reason of why am I here for the answer in simple that
    I am here because I am given a life to live.

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