One step closer to becoming an official staff of GE

A step closer to my dream

Me with a peace sign at GE podium

Today marks the day that I am one step closer to becoming an official staff of GE. The whole reception today started off with a simple rehearsal and then, continued with the introduction of all the pre-offered. In between, we had a couple of CEOs from different businesses who gave us the welcome messages saying how proud we should be to be able to join the GE family. Had an absolutely enjoyable time with my future colleagues and this makes me really want to start working as soon as possible ! It takes time to explain everything that happened today so I am leaving you with the pictures to explain to you. Enjoy them ! πŸ™‚

GE Pre-offered 2009 Batch Reception Event



16 thoughts on “One step closer to becoming an official staff of GE

  1. They, of course, get hit from all the financial crisis happening in the States
    now but I guess they did what they did in order to keep themselves running.
    Well, they do not only own the financial business only which is a good thing
    so that they won’t be fully independent on it.
    But, hey, once the economy’s down, it will affect the rest as well in
    one way or another but I guess they are hanging in pretty well.

    As on my side, signed the offer letter and will start next April.
    I, personally, am getting along well with the people. πŸ™‚

  2. Bloomberg reports high rise. πŸ™‚

    GE Rises Most Since 1980 as Profit Meets Estimates (Update1)

    By Rachel Layne

    Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) — General Electric Co. rose 13 percent in New York trading, the most in at least 28 years, after its third-quarter profit matched analysts’ estimates during the worst U.S. financial crisis since the Great Depression.

  3. The stock market now not stable mar.
    Very difficult to speculate one.
    Actually not the right time to invest during this unstable time.
    Very risky indeed.
    Wait till abrupt changes don’t happen overnight lor.

  4. That day naik because some folks were trying to make fast money.
    After that, jatuh again.

    About options, neh, I don’t think so for new people.
    Maybe when you go higher in rank in the company, perhaps.

    About opening an account, you may want to check the following article.

    Who Can Trade Online?

    Having whetted your appetite about the viability of Japanese stocks, the big question is, “How do I start trading them?” Unfortunately, unlike registering to receive an online trading account in the USA, if you want to trade Japanese stocks, even over the Internet, you need to reside in Japan. As illogical as this sounds, and we have requested an explanation from the Ministry of Finance, it is the rule. Acceptable proof of residency is a certificate of alien registration (gaikokujin toroku shomeisho), something that can’t be fudged and can only be received if you really are living here.

    If you are new to Japan, you get a certificate of alien registration by first coming in on a work, study, or some other mid- to long-term visa, issued in the usual fashion by the Immigration Office. Once established in Japan, you then find a place of abode (i.e., rent an apartment), then go to your local ward or city office to register both your residence and workplace (or school). Providing everything is in order, you will be issued an ID card, the alien registration certificate, that confirms your right to live and work/study in Japan.

    For those readers who don’t live in Japan, but who still want to trade stocks, the best solution is to set up an account with an established international stockbroker, such as Goldman Sachs, and execute your trade orders by phone, email, or some other means. Needless to say, this can be slow and expensive.

    One other possible idea, although it requires you to have a friend living in Japan, may be set up a stock-trading club (toshi kumiai) and then have him or her execute orders for the club’s members. We don’t know anyone actually doing this, but have been told that it is theoretically possible.

    I’ve still got much to learn about all these.
    First, I must have money to play the game, right ? πŸ™‚

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