First, “pendatang”and next, “partner”, why not “one” ?

Najib: Chinese are always regarded
as partners, not pendatang

From The Star

I like this flag because this is the flag I am born with and
this is the only flag I can relate with for the rest of life

PEKAN: Non-Malays in this country are Umno’s partners whose rights and interests will be safeguarded, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said Umno has never regarded the Chinese in this country as “pendatang” (immigrants), and as the main pillar in Barisan Nasional, Umno’s policy is clear that the party accepts non-Malays as partners in nation-building .

Najib said it is also clear that the Barisan policy would focus on nation-building and any views given by other leaders at division level are their personal views.

He was asked to comment on the refusal of Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail to apologise over his recent remark that the Chinese were “immigrants who do not deserve equal rights”.

Najib, who had earlier presented land titles to Felda settlers in Felda Cini 5 here, said Ahmad’s statement does not reflect or represent the policies of Umno and Barisan.

On Gerakan’s view that it will have another look at its position in Barisan if Umno fails to gain the people’s confidence, Najib said its acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon had told him Gerakan would always be in Barisan .

“The most important thing to do is to have frequent discussions, meetings and consultations within the component parties.

“Those are the reasons that we always have Barisan meetings, Supreme Council and Barisan management meetings to enable us to discuss and consult in a more general way,” Najib said.

To a question whether Umno was pressured by other component parties in Barisan , Najib said: “We did not receive any pressure because we stick to the spirit of friendship in Barisan, but we accept that they want the meetings and consultations to be held frequently.”

On rumours spread by SMSes and false reports in Opposition publications, Najib said the Government will study whether action can be taken against those involved.

“We regret the lies and false statements made to confuse the people. We regret that there are certain quarters who are doing this.

“If we take action, they will say that the action is politically motivated,” he said.

Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said: “Ahmad’s statement was blown out of context. Racial and religious polarisation is getting worse and this is very unhealthy.”

He said the people were getting fed up with so much politicking and polemics, adding that the Government was expected to get on with the work at hand – building the economy, improving education and reforming Barisan.

“We are falling into the opposition trap of demonisation, cynicism and perception. It leaves a bad aftertaste. Everyone should stop before we get divided even more,” he said.


I will give my full support for the first politician that who would affirm that all of us, every single one of us as “one” instead of blurring things with the term “partner”. The term “partner” is defined as one that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest, especially:

  1. A member of a business partnership.
  2. A spouse.
  3. A domestic partner.
  4. Either of two persons dancing together.
  5. One of a pair or team in a sport or game, such as tennis or bridge.

Common interest, yes, we all wish for the best of our nation. United? I believe not yet for we only associate when we need each other as “partners”, and hurt as “pendatang” when we are not needed. Perhaps it is too idealistic and too much of utopianism in what I am saying here but that should be our common goal. The day when we can accept one another as a being who is a citizen of a same nation who thinks for the best of our nation. Lately, a lot has been said, no matter it is from the people of the government or the opposition parties, to disturb the harmony we have in our country.  Today, I am not pin-pointing at any certain individuals, but it is for us all Malaysians, every single one of us to think of who we are, no matter what ethnicity we hold. Anyway, look at our Jalur Gemilang and remind yourself of what the blue color stands for.


13 thoughts on “First, “pendatang”and next, “partner”, why not “one” ?

  1. It makes me sad that people are still trying to compare who has better rights than whom, which race is better or cleverer and all that crap, which race don’t belong, which race is squatting… it makes me sick.

    You know what else sucks? Only the politicians are harping on this. Seriously, when you hang out with your friends, do you ever look them as a classification of their ethnicities? Or you look at them as “Hey, that’s Haz, I’ve known him for years… what a great dude” and “Yeah, that’s Raj, I can always count on him to have my back when I’m in trouble”. Or do you you prefer to look at them and think: “He/she’s from a different background, I don’t think he gets me… I’d better not talk to him/her too much.”

    You see my point? We get angry over things we read in the papers, over the stupid things that people say because they don’t think or use their brains before they speak. But when we go meet up with our friends over drinks and catch up with the latest news that goes on in our lives – we immediately forget what they are, but we remember them for who they are and more as people who mean so much to us in our lives.

    I’ve recently heard an ugly story about how some people try to barge into this person’s life because she’s having an interracial relationship with a man (who happens to be from a different country, ethnicity and background). What’s sad is that these ignorant people are trying to destroy something pure and sincere… called love.

    Come on, Malaysia. Don’t get so uptight over petty things. Time to talk about something more productive… like how to counter inflation and global warming.

  2. Well said, dear. Talking about productivity, if those people up there can stop thinking of caring about their very own spot in the comfortable zone only and get heated up to really get our nation going, that will definitely make us proud of them rather than us getting disgusted with their empty lousy words all the time. “Tin kosong” makes the most noises. *sigh* The top people are still living in the past, they should come down and experience a real Malaysian life.

  3. Well, what he said or referred the Chinese as is absolutely absurd.
    Anyway, those who still looks down or mistreat the Jewish like in the past are ancient people who obviously do not practice basic humanity.
    Let’s forget about an individual who thinks he has the power to speak as he wish regarding the selfish thoughts that he has in his mind.

  4. Ahmad muka tembok!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dah la buat salah tak berani mengaku……
    at 1st ask reporter to apologise….
    now even ask Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to leave the party…..
    what the hack…..
    ingaT bapa kau mia country izi?or u tadbir want izi?
    just simply say anything u want…..

    want be a MAN,actly realy like a MAN…..
    dun make a shame of us…..


  5. Relax, Mr. Ahmad. He’s a minority in this matter.
    We’ll see what happens when people do such silly mistakes.
    He tumpang minyak at us, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have
    to get fired up for it because once he sees that what he has done
    do nothing to Malaysia, then he will lose his face.
    People simply get tension because of it is also not right
    because by doing this, we only tumpang more minyak into his weird engine.
    We have to rosakkan the engine, not lubricate it.

  6. Andrew, at least we know for a fact that majority of Malaysians are upset with Ahmad’s statement, regardless of their ethnicity. Whatever Mr. Ahmad Ismail (I refuse to refer to him by his titleship) was aiming for with his ludicrous statements, he’s clearly failed. We’re not going to fall for dirty politics and mindless war cries. We’re not stupid.

    Love thy neighbour.

  7. Unacceptable actions and words that only cause chaos.
    My aunt (who’s a little bit shaken by it) feared that something might happened like what is happening in Thailand that she went to buy loads of rice and food stuff from Carrefour. I told her it would be stupid to have an ethnic war now, people aren’t as ignorant like before in the 70’s. Even having said so, whatever that guy has done is unforgivable.
    About Anwar’s reformation as well, hope things will just go right for our country.

  8. Well, are you aware that he’s suspended for three years?

    Too light. My opinion – he should have been expelled outright. Be made an example. He’s caused so much problems in the last week with his thoughtless remarks.

  9. Yes, I am aware but I believed he’s punished and
    will be expelled outright by us, the Malaysians. What do I mean ?
    Politicians who are put away for a few years will be back.
    But, I believe he won’t get supporters anymore for he had already
    got himself a future “bad background” and I believe his political career
    has already turned sour.
    Light or not, as long as Malaysians don’t support him, will he back ?
    I believe that’s the power of democracy, right ?

  10. interesting article.

    i just hope malaysians would stop,eventually, calling our own people as racists.
    the problem won’t end if this attitude keeps growing in our culture.

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