The movie, “Into The Wild”

My salute goes out to you, Mr. Supertramp !

Into The Wild” is both a non-fiction novel by Jon Krakauer (which I am going to get real soon) and a movie by Sean Penn. This movie got my standing ovation though I was alone in my room (consider it crazy but it was that amazing). I am not going to talk much about the movie because it is going to be a spoiler for those who are going watch it from now. Anyway, it was a great movie indeed, which means that the original novel must be a greater version of the greatest journey that “Mr. Supertramp” had in his life. Why am I labeling it a good movie? Simple reasons, there are many things in this movie that I can relate to myself but at the same time, many of the things inside are simply things I wouldn’t do normally and of which I could only dream of for I really wish to know what’s the taste of living those lives. Perhaps someday I would unleash myself ‘into the wild’ like Alex and the other distinct characters in his adventure but the ending tells you that you don’t have to rush into it. I am recommending this movie to you my junior (you know who you are) so that you can illustrate your future undertakings in a more focused and vivid way, but still have the wild style to it. Thumbs up for this movie and I recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for a good one to watch. Pretty long but every minute invested counts.

P.S. The actress, Kristen Stewart, that appeared in this movie caught my eyes once again after my eyes first laid on her in the movie “In the Land of Women“, which is another good movie. She’s the “next door girl” type of chick that you wished you had in your teens.


6 thoughts on “The movie, “Into The Wild”

  1. I know I am slow but they are going to show it in the cinemas soon here in Japan. Couldn’t wait and watched it, indeed a good movie it was. The last part was simply amazing and the moment when I knew that it was based on a real story, it was more meaningful to know that there was such a guy who really questioned about his life.

  2. i watched it too. when watching the ending, i just couldnt stop crying. something was in my heart- the feeling of wanting to run away from everything but i’am not supposed to do so.

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