A birthday wish & a prayer …

Happy 73rd Birthday & my prayers for you

Have a very happy birthday & may you live a long and happy life !

This is a special birthday wish that goes out to my English student whom I’ve just begin tutoring. He turned 73 years old on this day, the 5th September 2008. Wow, just imagine … born in the year of 1935 ! *phew* Anyway, I just got an e-mail from his wife saying that he is being diagnosed by a doctor that he might have the Parkinson’s disease. After our lesson last Tuesday night, he went for an overnight stay at a specialist hospital to get a medical check-up. His wife, who is also a student of mine, was worried about him because he was getting real forgetful about things and also getting slow in his actions, which I can notice as well from the speed of his writing during our lessons. Anyway, we are still hoping for the best that nothing is going to be serious and we are still waiting for the final say about this matter. For this is a birthday wish and also at the same time, it is also my prayers that you will be fine. May the good Lord hear our prayers.


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