Lovely sister got the JPA Scholarship !

Am real proud of you, girl !

The government scholarship, not easy to get, unless you pass all the conditions.

My lovely sister, Jennifer, had made our family proud again. At first, she made us proud by getting real good results during her STPM and with that good sets of results, she managed to enter the most profound university we have in Malaysia, the University Malaya. She is currently in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, studying East Asian Studies and majoring in Japanese language (perhaps very much influenced by his brother who’s here in Japan). Anyway, being a nice good girl and considering the financial situation we have in our family, she decided to apply for the Malaysian Government’s Public Service Department Scholarship for local universities and guess what, she successfully got it and that is the pride our family take in after that very success of hers entering the prestigious university.

My dad called me to inform me and to consult me regarding this matter, on whether she should accept the offer or not. I went through the details of this particular scholarship once again and did all the math and considerations for her. I, myself, managed to receive the JPA scholarship to continue my studies overseas here in Japan for both my diploma and degree. Without the scholarship, there is no way for me to survive the high living cost of expenses here so I decided to take it because it was a golden opportunity for me to see the world. Anyway, as for my sister’s case, she has only one and half year to go before she graduate. She will receive about RM11,000 per year to cover up her living expenses and also tuition fees (which is about RM5000 per year) if she decides to take it. That means by the time she graduate she will get roughly RM16,500 from the government.

Well, of course, the government will not give the money for free. There are the conditions which comes along with this contract and as of my sister’s case, she will have to serve the government for 4 to 5 years after she had graduated from her studies. If she had received the scholarship and decides not to serve the government, she has to pay up RM110,000 to RM130,000 as to say “sorry”. Anyway, this story is fine for people who really decides to have a career as a government servant but after giving much thought, I don’t think it is right to decide a single path only for my sister right now already. I mean with her qualifications I believe that she will get many offers in the private sector as well and I don’t want her not to be able to choose from all those choices by being tied up by this bond.

So, it is clear and vivid that Jennifer will not take this scholarship. Yes, it would help us financially to support her studies but then, Mom and Dad said that they will be fine to support her for another one and half years. Plus, I will be working already from next year on so I believe I can support her well too. So, in order to give my sister the liberty of choices in the future, we have to say goodbye to this tempting offer. Of course, there are many Malaysians who are dying for the offer as it is a golden opportunity if you seek a career in the governmental sector plus you get all the worries of your shoulders about the expenses you need to make during the school years.

Nevertheless, our family is real proud of my sister. Her STPM results and her university results won her this scholarship and now, I believe that she understands that when you always try to excel, more chances will come to you. So, my message to her is to just keep focusing on her studies and look out for that chance to come to Japan. For your information, my fellow readers, she has a chance to come to Japan because in her course, for excellent students, they are offered to come to Japan for a year to study. Will she get it or not, we’ll see from now. But, for now, am happy that she has shown us that she cared for our family so much that she actually took those actions by herself. My little sister is no longer little and she’s thinking for herself. Am proud to know that very fact. Love you, sis.


50 thoughts on “Lovely sister got the JPA Scholarship !

  1. Calypso, I am deleting your comment because
    I don’t like to see irrational comments on my blog.
    The reason is simply because SHE deserved it.
    She applied for it because she’s a considerate girl that
    she didn’t want to burden my parents with her school fees
    and also her other daily expenses.

    About the word “robbing other people’s chances”,
    everyone has the equal chance to apply for the scholarship
    and it is finally up to JPA to choose who deserves and who doesn’t.
    If those seriously who are in need of the scholarship,
    do well in your studies and get your results to convince
    the government to give you the scholarship.
    If you don’t have the results, no matter how hard you try,
    you won’t get it because in the end the government won’t
    simply give to students who don’t excel.

    My sister passed it because of our financial situation
    and also because she had her good set of results.
    She passed the two main conditions and not to mention,
    all her extra-curricular activities to back those up.
    For those who didn’t get it and complaining,
    examine yourself again and see what you need to do
    to actually get the scholarship.
    It’s not like that there’s a quota.
    If you deserve it, you will get it.

    Stop blaming others for your own shortcomings.
    Harsh and irrational words will get you nowhere.
    They only portray your character and my sister is
    a very decent girl with a very fine character and
    we are proud of her since the government actually
    evaluates her as well as how the rest of us around her do.
    A favor to ask from you, THINK TWICE before you act.

    P.S. We really thought it was a great thing that the
    government was willingly to support her and we
    reconsidered it properly afterwards and did all the math.
    We weighed everything and finally, came to this decision.
    Anyway, another friend of her who didn’t passed in the
    beginning, reapplied after my sister quit the idea and she
    got it. If you have the will, everything is possible.
    Stop using harsh words and fight for yourself.

  2. hi endoru or andrew.

    i am so impressive by the way u looked your sister. it seems like you are really proud of her. i think she deserves all the chances that come to her.

    by the way,i am taking spm this year and i really hope that i can pursue my study in korea in chemical engineering. but my friend’s mother told her that it was very hard to score. i started to explore courses that is related to chemistry because of my great interest towards the subject. and course that can be considered is biochemistry. i am asking for your opinion about my choice since the way u considered ur sister’s choice had really make me think u’r a good brother and like a good counsellor,maybe. huhu. in fact,i have no older brother.
    i am a bio student and i really hope to have an advice from u about my possession in chemistry and chemical engineering of course.. thanks.

  3. Hi Eun Hae,

    I can see that you like Korea very much and yes,
    I do have friends who went to study in Korea under
    the JPA scholarship and they are doing pretty well now.
    I am not sure about the chemistry or bio-chemical line
    but I guess you can check them more at the following group.


    ReCom is a worldwide Malaysian students network
    and I believe you will be able to meet many JPA scholars
    in here and try to ask around about your chance to pursue
    your studies in Korea.

    It is always possible and my current advice is to
    study as hard as you can to secure good results
    and make sure you are always alert to announcement
    made by JPA at their official website.

    I wish you the best for people who yearn to be better
    and have a dream will succeed as long as they keep that
    in mind and have the willing heart to work hard towards that goal.
    You can always come to me for advice here anytime.

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for your advice. I have visited the recom website and
    found important informations about the JPA scholarships.
    before this I have bump into the website but not so think
    about it.

    I didn’t have enough time to explore all but I think I could
    get endless benefit from it.
    thank you very much for providing me a website of
    malaysian student network.

    Actually, I am a malay girl student. that is why I
    am not so good in speaking english. I think my english is
    not so bad but I have no confidence in speaking that language.
    That is my biggest problem.

    When I thought about the JPA scholarship,sometimes I burst
    into tears because i think of my performance during the interview.
    It can be bad for me.
    Should I take english class?
    I can also improve the language as well as speak english fluently.
    the interview is expected to be one year from now.

    Since you are a JPA scholar,how the question looks like?
    are there 2 sessions?like 1 session of group discussion
    and 1 session of one by one?is that so?
    any recommended tips are very useful for me.

    Also,how about your friend’s life in korea?
    i mean their lifes there are not like people who live in
    rural areas right?

    All in all, thank you and I really appreciate all
    your adviced that you gave me before.

  5. Hi Eun Hae,

    Nice to seeing you back here.
    As long as you are a Malaysian,
    you have the rightful chance at grasping the
    scholarship and hey, a tiny pinch of weariness
    is good for you for being too comfortable won’t
    portray yourself good to the interviewers.

    Urm, I am not sure whether the system
    has changed or not but this is how mine was.
    After applying for scholarship through the newspaper
    cutting form that I found years ago, I was called for
    an interview at the main headquarter of JPA and this
    was the only interview I had actually.

    Well, there were 3 interviewers and the interview was
    held in Malay, obviously, our national language and of course,
    a mixture of English here and there as well so no worries about
    your command of the language.
    Anyway, I personally studied Japanese since 14 and I believe
    that was a clear advantage for me in winning a seat to Japan.
    If you do learn Korean, that will be an advantage and if not,
    no worries for many people actually start from zero.

    3 interviewers and me.
    They asked about my background, my curriculum activities
    for starters and I actually brought my whole file of certificates
    that I’ve collected since young for their view and that was
    pretty impressive for them because I have a strong background
    in languages for I joined all sorts of competitions and contests
    for BM week and English week.
    So, try to find out what you can promote about yourself here.

    Next, I believe they will ask you the reason why you want
    to go to the 3 countries you’ve chosen and since I’ve chosen
    UK and US as my 1st and 2nd choice, they said I have real low
    chance in getting it since I didn’t get straight A’s.
    So, that is why I am telling you to work hard for your SPM.
    But, then, I said if I am given a chance to go to Japan,
    I would appreciate it a lot saying that I’ve actually started
    to study Japanese since 14 and told them why I liked about
    the country and how it would benefit me for my future.

    In the end, I managed to convince them and one of the
    officers told me that he will recommend me to Japan on
    the spot and yes, the letter with the official agreement letters
    reached my home weeks later and that’s how my whole journey began.

    Anyway, trust in yourself and have all the confidence !
    Try to simulate the interview by yourself at home
    before that so that you will be comfortable with any
    questions that will come to you.
    Always be truthful for lies won’t bring you far.
    Remember, it is your one chance of a lifetime,
    there should be no space for you to want to spoil it, right ?

    Last of all, get GOOD results for your SPM.
    So study for that very well for now and
    don’t worry about JPA scholarship for now
    for that it is still quite away to think about.
    Shoot me with any questions anytime.


  6. Hi Endoru.
    Thanks for your fast reply.
    oh,that is so lucky of you to obtain the scholarship to
    pursue your study in Japan.
    for me, Japan has a nice culture and it is good
    scientifically and economically as well as Korea.

    Your advice has comforted me a lot
    since I have gain confidence and preparation
    for my SPM as well as the JPA scholarship interview.

    I do learning korean language now,
    more towards its alphabet known as Hangul.
    I just hope that once I enter the interview room,
    it can become an advantage as well as you do.

    I really hope that I will obtain excellent result
    in my SPM.
    So thanks for all of your advices.
    When i need some pieces of valuable
    information,i will directly come here.
    Also if i have times,i will surely visit this page of yours as it can
    helped rebuild my weakness in some aspects.
    Thanks again.


    Nurul Uyuun Rahimi

  7. hi,,,my name is yin Ang,,,,,actually,I hv a sister too,,,she want to apply to the JPA scholarship too,,,I just wondering that can u give me the web site to apply the scholarship,,,,as I try hard to find it but I didn’t sucess,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am same with u,,,,I like my sister as u like your sister,,,If u think that it is troublesome to u,,,that’s ok and nvm

    thanks in advance……


  8. Hi endoru ,

    thanks for your quick reply.I am very happy with that.U r a very nice person.And I had already get the way to apply for my sister.hope U all the best and your sister too.

    Thank u very much

    I really appreciate your help.

  9. hi endure,

    ya,,I know that,,,,haha,,,that’s mean my sister need to hv a competition with them.She get 10 A1 and 1 A2. nice to talk with u.By the way,,,tell u that I like Utada Hikaru too….haha,,,,R u still in Japan? Will stay there forever?I am in Canada now,,,,,still didn’t plan to go back to Malaysia…….And I take the japanese courses here,,,,,,,,,haha


  10. Urm, it’s Endoru, not “endure”.
    Good results indeed.

    If she were to present herself well enough,
    she will have the chance in securing herself a scholarship.
    Yes, I am still in Japan and I will graduate this March
    and start working here in April.

    Glad to know that you’re an Utada’s fan as well.
    Get yourself the new album when it reaches Canada.


  11. Hi Endoru..
    I scored straight A1s in my SPM and this Tuesday is my interview with JPA. I’m super you have any tips for me? Sorry to bother you but I’m the only one in my family who has applied for JPA and there’s no one to guide me. Hope you don’t mind, thanks for everything.
    Have a nice day!

  12. Cerise,

    First of all, congratulations on your success and thank you
    for dropping by my humble blog to seek for advices on this matter.

    To me, there’s no secret about it, be honest.
    As how everyone say, “honesty is the best policy”.
    Once you are true to yourself as in expressing what you really
    want to do in the future and how does studying abroad with
    the help from the government would aid you towards that
    ultimate goal, the interviewers will definitely feel your sincerity.

    Anyway, the interviewers are always wanting to know about
    your background so have confidence in whatever you’ve done
    up till now which includes all the extra-curricular activities.
    To prove whatever I say on the spot, I brought along my
    whole big file of certificates for good results, awards,
    contests, event participations and so on and that amazed them.

    Last of all, when answering to questions given by the interviewers,
    be brief, concise and straight to the point. Give the conclusion first,
    and then, cover them with like 3 reasons and then summarize it.
    Interviewers interviews many people a day so they will be tired and
    wouldn’t like to hear long-winding stuff. Just pick those important
    points and elaborate a bit on.

    A little bit of nervous is good for interviews. That will show that you
    are not too over-confident and you will not sound boastful when you
    start conveying the good points of yourself. But, don’t be too nervous
    as that will make your voice shaky and as they are looking for future
    leaders in the world as well, they would want to find a confident candidate
    for every chose scholar is going to be like an ambassador for the country.

    I guess I’ve covered it all.
    I see that you are pioneering this to be the first in your family.
    Actually, it was the same case as I do but I was always comfortable
    with all these challenges for I had been actively participating in contests
    and events where I have to stand on stages, conveying to the crowd
    on what I have to say and that really helped me a lot.

    Everyone is unique.
    So you don’t have to worry about trying to follow what other say.
    Just be yourself and by doing that, you will stand out good enough.
    If you aren’t confident with yourself up till now as in you don’t really
    own a good track of records, just simply tell them what you yearn to
    do from now through your studies in abroad and how you would like to
    change and yes, in short, tell them what you dream is all about and that
    will interest them if you get your facts all right.

    I wish you all the best.
    Let me know of your results, no matter how it turns out to be.


  13. Thanks a lot Endoru.

    What you said is 100% correct. I guess if I speak from my heart the interviewers will know that I’m serious about this, they will know that I am really sincere and passionate about making my dreams a reality. In my opinion, if you really want something and worked hard for it, God will let you have it.

    Again, thanks for all the advice as I always underestimate/lack faith in myself (as in I don’t always hope for the best things to happen due to the fear of being disappointed). So what you said really made me look at things differently. The fact that I should believe in myself and if things don’t go the way I want to, there’s always something good out of it as they say: every cloud has a silver lining.

    Anyway thanks again and good luck in all your future undertakings.

  14. You’re most welcome, Cerise.

    If you believe, then you are one step closer.
    A negative mind will hinder chances to open up to you.
    The final result depends on all sorts of circumstances,
    like the number of people they want this year,
    the number of non-bumis the government is thinking of
    and all the rest that will affect it.

    Other than that, you can do nothing much but
    to be yourself and promote yourself well enough.
    All the best.

  15. Hi Endoru..

    I’m happy to say that my interview went really well. The topics weren’t as hard as I expected. I was the first to speak up and the interview didn’t tense me up a lot because it was more of a discussion. The interviewers themselves made some jokes to calm us down. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll like to share my experience with you.

    The first topic was about doctors who smoke. I said that it was really unnecessary for them to do so as doctors are supposed to be a role model for their patients and promote a healthy lifestyle. I also said that cigarettes are really dangerous as they contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, tar and nicotine and that doctors who smoke should go for therapy or use nicotine patches.
    A boy in my group said that the best way to prevent doctors who smoke was to ban cigarettes in Malaysia. I remarked that this would not be an effective solution as there would be people who will smuggle cigarettes into the country.

    The next topic was in BM: Pelajar malaysia di luar negara yang enggan kembali ke tanah air untuk berkhidmat. I responded ( in bm of course) that students are sent overseas to gain more experience and hone their skills so that they are able to apply that in Malaysia and make Malaysia a better country.

    They also asked about the stress faced by doctors.( I chose pharmacy, but there were 3 students who chose medicine in my group) So I replied that if someone really wants to do medicine and being a doctor is their ultimate goal, they should go for it and be able to cope with the stress. I also said that every job in this world has its own stress level and we can’t run away from it.

    After the interview ended, my group mates told me that I was very good and that it is very likely that I would get the scholarship. I hope what they said is true, but I wouldn’t complain if I don’t get it. I’ll just have to accept whatever that JPA decides.

    Anyway, that’s how the interview went, and I hope that I didn’t bore you. Have a nice day.

  16. Hi Cerise,

    Thank you for letting me know about your interview
    and also for sharing the details of the discussion here.
    I guess the style has changed and it is very kind of you
    to share it here which I think will be beneficial to others
    who would stumble into my blog like how you did to look
    for advices for their own challenge for the scholarship.

    Regarding the topic in BM, I think there are many reasons
    to why many Malaysians students aren’t back to work.
    (1) There is a wide range of impressive choices outside the country
    so if Malaysia could offer the same choices or better, no doubt,
    qualified students with high abilities would like to be at home.
    Why throw away a good chance when you are able to get one ?
    (2) Once one know the outside world, usually one would like to know
    and explore more.
    So, here, I believe it would be more impressive if you can give out
    new ideas to the interviewers on how to lure them back.
    They are being lenient now because they do want the best for the students.

    Anyway, you did a good job for the discussion.
    From what I see here, you have the attributes that made you performed well.
    (1) You are opinionated.
    (2) You dare to voice out your ideas.
    These are actually very important factors in a group discussion.

    Yeah, just let’s hope for the very best.
    Please do let me know when you get the results.


  17. hey do you mind answering my questions regarding the jpa scholarship?
    i just got the scholarship to japan(engineering).but is it true that i have to study for my first year in one of the local uni?
    and if i couldn’t get excellent results during that year,i wouldnt get to go japan to further my studies??

  18. Hi Elaine.

    Sure, but it doesn’t hurt to show some good manners
    by minding your language and the way you type when
    asking for a favor on somebody’s blog.
    Proper capitalization and proper grammar.
    A tip before you come to Japan for we are very particular
    about manners here in this country.

    Anyway, congratulations on being accepted.
    The system is like this.
    You will be studying in UTM, KL for a preparatory course
    called PPKTJ for 2 years and after the 2 years, you are
    required to take the Japanese Education Department exams
    in order to decide whether you can further your studies in
    Japan and the results actually decide the technical college
    you are going to to do your diploma studies in engineering
    of your desired field.

    Yes, it is true that if you fail the test, you will not come to Japan.
    Anyway, I’ve seen many juniors including myself, who had
    successfully came to Japan and managed themselves well
    in the 2 years as long as you study well.

    Does that answer your question ?
    Congratulations once again.


  19. Im really really sorry if i sounded rude in the previous comment.really sorry =/
    and thanks for being so kind to reply me.really appreciate it =)

    erm,so if i knew how to speak japanese,would it be an extra credit for me to pass the Japanese Education Department exams?

  20. Elaine,

    It is alright for I just wanted to remind you about
    keeping in mind of having the right attitude when
    asking a favor.

    Since everything is typed out in the cyberworld,
    it is important to be careful not to provoke somebody
    People nowadays are simply too used to abbreviating
    words and not practicing the right way of writing sentences.
    Putting capital letters in front of each sentences is not a burden.
    Make it a good habit to do so.

    Anyway, regarding your question, it does not really matter
    actually since you will go through 2 years of intensive course
    at the university for Japanese language and by that exams,
    you should be well prepared enough.
    Of course, it would be an advantage to start a bit for yourself
    in order to start scoring good marks from the beginning but
    usually everyone will get to the same standard after 2 years.

    That’s about it.


  21. hai, im zay…
    act i can feel wut u feel right now… today i also got good news from my sis, she has been called by shell fro an interview.. im really proud of her..
    n to tin dat u r studying in japan as a scholar, ultimately, u want ur sister to excel more than wut u achieved.. im really proud of u guys.. n as amatter of fact, ur parents are too great.. as they willingly to support ur sister..

  22. Hi Zay,

    Congratulations to your sister for being chosen
    for the interview and I wish her the very best.

    Yes, I have to agree that the fact that I was a
    scholar who was studying here in Japan,
    ultimately, I do wish always that my sister will
    excel better than I do since I’ve walked through
    some roads and I could give her tips for her path.



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    sebelum 11 Mei 2009.

    I got it, Endoru.. I’m so happy. I really want to work hard during A-Levels ( or whatever preparatory program JPA has selected for me) and get good results so that I can fly.
    Thanks, for all your advice, they really helped a lot.
    Good Luck in all your future undertakings.

  24. Cerise,

    Congratulations ! πŸ™‚
    Amazing news and I am very glad to hear it.
    Neh, I did what I can do and it is you who had
    won the seat for yourself.
    Thanks for taking the time to let me know !
    You are always welcome to drop by anytime
    to let me know about yourself more.


  25. Actually I just found your blog while googling.

    I’m also J-grad actually.

    Regarding your sister rite, actually the conditions that gov will bond her after graduated tak betul. U see, like us Jpa japan scholars, after grad pun government x panggil kerja. So do not to be worry.

    Kanousei wa aru kedo, hotondo seifu ni yobareru case wa nai. My friends also ramai took the JPA scholarship (local), tiada seorang pun yang dipanggil.

    Rugi rugi

  26. Hai, i m new here.May i ask u some questions?
    Well, i wish 2 study in japan but since the scolarship oni sponsor 2 diploma level, my mum doesn’t let me take it. she is afraid tat if i can’t continue my study in japan’s university, then i can’t continue my study in other countries since not all countries will accept japan’s certificate,rite?
    & is it difficult 2 master japanese language in such short period of time?
    finally,my cousins are now studying in japan & they told me tat japanese ppl r not very it true?they advise me tat i m more suitable 2 go 2 europe countries since i m one of those who r cheerful,frenly,well, a little bit crazy & of course, i don’t like 2 follow
    pls reply.thx.

    • Hi there,
      Well, I am not sure about what other countries standards for Japan graduates.
      Usually Japan graduates would either work in Japan or some Japanese firm in their own country.
      I am currently working with an international company but I don’t see any problems.
      Regarding your questions on whether people are friendly or not, it depends on your environment.
      Every country has their very own unique culture and as to whether you are comfortable with it or not, it depends.
      It is not difficult to master Japanese language as long as you go through intensive course.
      I had 2 years of intensive courses and managed to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 1.

      Anyway, I received JPA’s scholarship to study diploma and also degree in engineering.
      Lately, they are also offering extension to master degree as well.
      Studies is all up to you, if you work hard, anywhere in the world will be fine.
      It is just the language … the tool that you use to earn the same knowledge is different.

      Hope this answers your doubts and questions.

  27. Can you tell me why a Chinese with 12A1 and 1 A2 cannot get a JPA or an Indian with 13 As failed too but a Malay with 4 As and speaks manages to get one? Maybe that’swhy Caypso is sore….Refering to your reply to Calypso that he needs to meet their criteria, pls tell me what is needed then? 4As? My child is in Form 1 and I sure would like to prepare him well for this elusive JPA thingy . And you sound like you know the answer when all non-Malays don’t

    • hey,i too,found ur website when googgling..
      @ linda..i completed spm in 2008,got 9a1s,1a2,applied for jpa,obviously got turned down,im chinese btw. my malay friend who actually got a D in additional mathemathics,got it (the OVERSEAS scholarship). my another chinese friend who got straight As got the LOCAL scholarship,he has a pretty poor family backgrnd i mite say, surprise..surprise. linda,i think you shud consider other scholarship options too? since it’s very obvious that jpa is a government institution and hence,give much much more piority to the bumiputeras.

      life is unfair.find another scholarship! i know i did πŸ˜‰ a better one infact!

  28. Calypso deliberately said that my sister “robbed” some other people’s chance when she rejected the JPA offer that she got. For your information, both my sister and I are Chinese. Anyway, I believe that everyone has the chance to aim for it and if they do not get enough scholars after the final count of acceptance, they will offer to the “waiting list” who actually failed.

    Regarding the criteria, I believe public examination results is not the only major criterion. Of course, it is the one of the most important thing but extra-curricular activities, attitude and poise shown during interview and other factors like economical situation and so on. If you are rich and you have straight A’s, do you deserve the scholarship … well, it is up to the government to decide. If you are poor and you got only a few A’s, do you deserve the scholarship … again, it is up to the government to decide.

    There are many other aspects. They would have a proper quota for rural areas as how they have quota for races. We are living in Malaysia and it is known long fact that we agreed to the priority system to the Bumiputeras. Anyway, top results in KL and top results in Sarawak … who will get ? Other than that could be National Service participation, how active were you in school activities, if the government call up your school and say your child’s name … would the headmaster or teachers say good about your child and etc.

    My sister attended National Service. She was the president of St John Ambulance back in Secondary School. A prefect, president and committee member of roughly 10 societies & clubs. A good set of results. A well-mannered, soft spoken yet confident & diligent girl. Fluent in language & good communication skills.

    I have no final say on how much one should prepare but there’s no harm in preparing more. Again, we don’t study and proactively join extra-curricular activities just to aim for the scholarship. We study & have fun just the way we want to for the good of ourselves. Scholarship comes in the way as a supporting tool for us to reach our goals of life.

    I hope this answer your question, Linda somehow and all the best with your son.
    P.S. Not good to push your son to reach a goal that you’ve set unless he wants it for himself as well. Guide him all you may want but never force it for it brings no good results. Liberty in choosing one’s path is the best way to grow abundantly.

  29. Hi Jayson,

    Of course, this is a golden opportunity for you if you really want it.
    The government called you up for a reason and did you actually apply for it ?
    Nevertheless, you should give it a shot at every chances that come your way.
    You’ll never know what good things lie ahead of you unless you go and check them out.

  30. Hello Endoru,

    I’m Brenda from Kuching, Sarawak. I’ve been short listed for a JPA interview six days from now. I’m a fresh spm leaver of year 2011 and I applied for an engineering course in Germany. Could you kindly share with me, the types of engineering courses that JPA is offering to sponsor for successful candidates? (and if Biological and Biosystems Engineering is included) Also, if you have any, could you give me your take and opinions of studying engineering in Germany?

    Please and thank you.

  31. Hi Brenda,

    It has been more than a decade since I got the scholarship and I came to Japan.
    I have a friend who got Germany and he studied mechanical engineering.

    All I have to say is to understand the programme more and do your own research on the net. We have Google now. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, all the best first in challenging the interview by interjecting your passion for engineering.


  32. HI Endoru,

    I juz found out i got the jpa scholarship to japan….im so confusing now whether shud i take it or nt….cz ther isnt stated whether which type of engineering i will be studying…and i had do some research and i found out i will have to spend almost 5 years for juz getting a diploma……is it true?? could u kindly share some informations about the scholarship and ur experiences in japan =)

  33. Hello.I’m a Form 5 student and i plan to study at Korea university..and i know that JPA is giving scholarship for malaysian student to study overseas included Korean
    may i ask,how your sister apply the scholarship from JPA? by form or telephone or ??
    and if it is applying online,can you give me the link?thank you πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Endoru…I want to make my introduction better so i am sorry if there is some mistake and i think its better if i introduce myself properly..and also to bother you with my boring intro..>AVo<
    To stay by myself (to be more independent) at Japan
    To control not to be control(meaning i want to change not to be drive by other people changes) i think you already understand that your knowledgeable anyway..

    What should i do?(before spm and after spm)
    What job i should do?(in Japan)
    Where should i go?(to go Japan though that i think there is other way i can use to go Japan other than working there)
    Am i qualified to take the challenge in front of me?

    I am a person walking in night without lamp…i only want you to help me though that i know i myself can save myself..

    That's all i wanna ask…i am very thankful for your answer..

  35. ill insert half my comment then sorry just some bad luck maybe tee hee

    Hi Endoru…I want to make my introduction better so i am sorry if there is some mistake and i think its better if i introduce myself properly..and also to bother you with my boring intro..>AVo<!

    Sorry with the selfish talking,
    The truth is i am confuse with what i want to do or a job i want…

    Engineer is some job i liked but was mostly oppose by my parent(since they said its hard to get a job after finish studying)

    Doctor….lost interest since i am unable to endure stress…(mostly about my sickness)

  36. a course that my bro took but unable to get any job at all (due to sickness same to me) but got interest but still oppose by my parent too i know i should follow what you say in your old comment but i am confuse…

    My goal is…
    To buy many figure ><
    To stay by myself (to be more independent) at Japan
    To control not to be control(meaning i want to change not to be drive by other people changes) i think you already understand that your knowledgeable anyway..

    What should i do?(before spm and after spm)
    What job i should do?(in Japan)
    Where should i go?(to go Japan though that i think there is other way i can use to go Japan other than working there)
    Am i qualified to take the challenge in front of me?

    I am a person walking in night without lamp…i only want you to help me though that i know i myself can save myself..

    That's all i wanna ask…i am very thankful for your answer..

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