Happy birthday, Malaysia !

My motherland, celebrating her 51st birthday !

On this very day, the people of Malaysia declared to the world that they are independent as a nation, no longer succumbing to any powers that was enthroning upon her and to strive forward as a country as the locals, better known as the Bumiputeras, agreed to join hand-in-hand to live in peace and harmony with the non-bumi people. They’ve come together, calling themselves Malaysians, a multi-ethnic country which had their biggest trial in year 1969 but then, the test which was a bitter experience made people realized the importance to respect one another as they are. Today, my young country Malaysia faces to what I believe are changes which are vital so that we Malaysians can find ourselves a unified identity we can cling onto and also to believe and to have faith in. Anwar won the election at Permatang Pauh and made his way into the Parliament, executing his own strategy to be the next leader. Pak Lah and Najib had an obvious lost. Tun Mahathir, the former PM and father of development of Malaysia, says he would migrate if opposition parties take over the country. No matter what political dramas are happening back there, I wish you only one thing, my dear Malaysia, is that you will finally get to know who you are and stand tall as a nation in the eyes of the world. Happy birthday, Malaysia !


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