Clazziquai Project “Beat in Love”

Clazziquai Project “Beat in Love”

Summer’s going to be over here in Japan as it has been raining a lot lately as if the skies are turning into the autumn mood already, which is a totally weird thing to happen this early at the end of August. Anyway, I found myself an album by Clazziquai Project called “Beat in Love” which I think is perfect for summer with some great dance beats. Clazziquai Project (Classic + Jazz + Groove), or simply known as Clazziquai, is a Korean fusion band that combines several genres including electronic music, acid jazz and house.

From left: Alex, DJ Clazzi, Horan

Clazziquai was formed in 2001 as a pet project of DJ Clazzi (a.k.a. Kim Sung-hoon)’s, with Alex and Christina (who are brother and sister) as the main vocalists. A classically trained musician and a former pianist in a jazz band, Sung-hoon wanted to create jazz with a more electronic feel. After familiarizing himself with the electronica genre, he fused the two to create his own sound – a cross between chill-out lounge and house (a brand of trance music). Their official mascot is the pig. Anyway, this album “Beat in Love” is a special album release by them featuring five remixes from Fantastic Plastic Machine, Shinichi Osawa, Daishi Dance, and Capsule (Yasutaka Nakata) and a total of 14 tracks. You can find some of the songs on this album at my music box at the right side of my blog. Enjoy !

Beat in Love


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