Thinking of getting a 2GB iPod shuffle

Tempted to get one of these

Am tempted to get a silver one. 7800 yen and able to clip anywhere.

Light and simple, get tuned up with music anywhere.


4 thoughts on “Thinking of getting a 2GB iPod shuffle

  1. If you read the title of my blog, you will know how many GB it is for that price.
    1GB one is 5800 yen and yes, I know you won’t be using it with your “driving” life.
    I was wondering it would be smart for my “train” life.
    Since it is light, very portable and may suit any attire even on suits.
    Of course, when I start working, iPod Touch or an iPhone or something even
    better than might come out in the future would be a big choice though. *hehe*

  2. Hey Andrew, I’ve found that you can buy a pirated 2GB iPod shuffle (almost the same, no software provided, just copy & paste) at RM95 or lower. If you wanna get one of the pirated version, you can ask your sister to buy for you. Should be available in PJ area.

  3. Yeah, I know about the “ciplak” ones because I saw them
    at the Curve when I was back at home the other day.
    Neh, I want to get this iPod shuffle mainly for the brand and
    the slick look of it but I am think I’m getting it only when I
    start working from next year.
    Perhaps the price may drop then. *hehe*
    Or something even better comes out then.

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