So long, Gong Gong !

In remembrance of my beloved Grandfather

Foo Ah Sai, 74 years old, left his family for good at 9:30 pm (Malaysian time) of 21st June 2008

Gong gong, you’ve fought for a long time so have your rest now …

My message for you, Gong Gong



Grandpa, don’t leave us yet …

Hear my prayers, Lord

This obvious physical change was definitely a sign …

I saw this coming. I’ve been telling people how tough it is to receive calls from home especially when the calls are to inform you about family getting sick or going away for good. It is really tough for you when you are miles away in a foreign land and you’ll always get that not being able to do anything feeling which really sucks. My sister rang me up a while ago to inform me that Grandpa’s been admitted to hospital, moreover, in the emergency ward. Am not sure whether it is the ICU or not, but what I know it is not good and according to the doctor, it could be life threatening. Aunties has rushed to the hospital and Mom is all worried with Grandma (maternal side) at my home waiting for somebody to fetch them over to the hospital to see him.

Meeting him this time during my trip back home, I was shocked to see how much he has changed. His face, his body and especially his legs were all so swollen and he’s turned into a total different person from the aspect of his looks. Knew then that he’s not in a good condition already but never to expect that I would receive such news after one week I am back here to Japan. Grandpa is diabetic and he had a mini stroke last year which made him could not walk another step anymore but only to stay in bed or use the wheel chair when traveling. He was real thin last year when I went back to visit my belated grandma who passed away of cancer last November. May she rest in peace. It is tough enough to lose my grandma (paternal side) lately and I don’t want to lose you grandpa (maternal side). I really hope you’ll get better soon and I will make sure your kids have a thorough check up on your condition and we’ll do our best to make you feel better, grandpa. Just hang in there, please.

Hear me, Grandpa

Grandpa, I know you are going through rough sea now

but don’t you dare leave us now, fisherman.

I’m proud to know how good a fisherman you were on the sea,

on how hard you strife to support your big family and indeed,

you’ve done a great wonderful job and you will get through this rough sea once again.

Stay strong, my dear grandpa, for you deserve more than what you’re receiving now

for all the great things you’ve brought to our family.

Love you and stay strong though I can’t be by your side now.