Here in my home

Here in my home

Lyrics: Here in my home

Hold on brother hold on
The road is long. We’re on stony ground
But I’m strong. You ain’t heavy

Oh there’s a misspoken truth that lies
Colors don’t bind, oh no.
What do they know? They speak falsely.

Here in my home
I’ll tell you what its all about
There’s just one hope here in my heart
One Love undivided
That’s what it’s all about
Please won’t you fall in one by one by one [with me]?

Push back sister won’t you push back?
Love won’t wait. Just keep pushing on.
Yes I’m strong. You ain’t heavy.

Oh don’t you worry about that…
What we have the shadows can’t deny
Don’t you know it’s now or never?

Colors don’t bind, oh no.


Years of fears and years of tribulation
The heart keeps searching for that endless devotion

Hand in hand we’ll march like blood brothers
I speak for my people hope we’ll find peace forever

May the road ahead quench my thirst for success
May the road behind echo a song of the blessed

So I will let it be known yes I feel it in my bones
No matter where I roam this is home sweet home

– Words & Music by Pete Teo featuring rap by KLG Sqwad &
Altimet. copr Redbag Music 2008. All Rights Reserved –

A song that every citizen of Malaysia should support. Just got to know about this project from my junior Calvin’s blog and it gave me the shivers when I listened to the song created by the talented artistes we have back home. It is true that finally it lies in the hands of us, the “rakyat”, to decide what we can do for our motherland, a place where we call home. Fellow Malaysians, enjoy it and help to spread the word, the message of love for the unity of our people. The song and the video clip “Here in my home” is available here for download and visit the website to know more about the project.


6 thoughts on “Here in my home

  1. I see.
    I don’t read Kenny Sia’s blog that much but
    I guess it is a good source to know about things happening
    back at home ay.
    Yeah, that’s the power of blogging that the Government wants to know eagerly. *hehe*

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