GE FMP Prospective Employees Gathering Party

GE FMP Prospective Employees Gathering Party

Anassa, the venue for the gathering party

I’ve just received an e-mail from GE just now regarding a gathering party for the prospective employees of FMP for the year 2009. According to the e-mail, it will be held at a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant which is situated inside the Akasaka Biz Tower in the newly opened area called Akasaka Sacas. I’ve already confirmed my attendance on that day which is going to be on the 24th April and am really looking forward to it because on that day, we will be meeting the Finance Leaders of GE Japan who will be our mentors for the program. This is my first time trying out Mediterranean food and that is also something I will be looking forward to as well. I guess the best thing of all, I will be meeting all of my future colleagues (if they all do attend) and definitely this gathering would really make me feel that I am already a part of GE. Yippee ! *hehe*


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