If you don’t know how to fix it, stop breaking it !

Listen to what a girl has to say

Amazing girl ! Say it, girl ! Go girl, let them know !That is exactly how I felt when I was watching this amazing speech on YouTube. This legendary amazing speech was made by Severn Suzuki, just only 12 years old at that time, at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992. I wonder what took me so long to actually come to know about this video but I am glad I did see this. Each word she uttered truly reflects what we should know about our world up to even today. The following are details on what she is right now.

She is currently an environmental activist, speaker, television host and author.
Born to writer Tara Elizabeth Cullis and Canadian geneticist and environmental
activist David Suzuki, Cullis-Suzuki received a B.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology from Yale University in 2002. She has spoken around the world about
environmental issues, urging listeners to define their values, act with the future
in mind, and take individual responsibility.

In 1992, at the age of 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO,
the Environmental Childrens Organization (a group she founded) to attend this
very Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. Along with group members Michelle Quigg,
Vanessa Suttie, and Morgan Geisler, Severn presented environmental issues from
a youth perspective at the Summit, where she received a standing ovation for
a speech to the delegates. The group also addressed delegates at the
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).


2 thoughts on “If you don’t know how to fix it, stop breaking it !

  1. I see you have discovered Severn Suzuki! 🙂 I had posted this video in mixi as well last year.
    And actually I had the chance to meet her and her boyfriend last year at the 土と平和の祭典 in Chiba Park! She is such an inspiration! and such a kind person!
    I wish I could talk like her about the things that really matter to me…

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