Congratulations, Lin Chia !

Congratulations, Lin Chia !

Just received a happy news through a call from my junior, Lin Chia. She was aiming to get this scholarship that I am getting from SATO scholarship foundation and the results is out today and she got it ! Am glad that all my advices and coachings paid off. Most of all, she was listening keenly to what I’ve said and prepared properly for it and that was the key to the success we have this time. You did it, girl and yes, I am waiting for a BIG treat from you. *hehe*

Miss No. 208,

I am proud to announce that you are officially as of today,
one of 27th scholars chosen from the whole Japan to receive
2 years of full scholarship for your master degree studies in Tokyo University.
Keep up the good work and all the best with your research !


2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Lin Chia !

  1. Dear Andrew senpai,

    Thank you very very much. Without your advices, I’m sure that I won’t be able to be one of the members of SATO scholarship foundation. Thanks for helping me to correct my research plan, my essays even though you are buzy with your job interview (> <). Thanks for encouraging me when I got down with Tokyu..I still remember what you said: Be strong and Be confident! See, how powerful the word is..(^ ^)

    Thanks again and Congratulation to you too, senpai! I’m also waiting for your BIG treat that you have promised me..heihei

  2. I did not promise you anything. *hehe*
    In return, I am waiting for your BIG treat.

    You were the right candidate from the start.
    You’ve made it for yourself.
    See you on the 24th April then !

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