Li San, my talented friend (Part 2)

Michael Johns

My friend, Li San, is definitely talented. I’ve introduced her in my previous post, so check it out. Look at this completed sketch of Michael Johns from that American Idol TV show and yes, she’s a freaky fan of that show especially when she refers David Cook and Michael Johns as her men. *hehe* I personally am amazed on how she “whipped” his bitchy hair (this is how she expresses it because it was the hardest part which required lots of strokes) and the unbelievable leather jacket. It’s amazing how you can actual come out with the texture of materials by just sketching. The glassy look of how eyes should be is also sketched out realistically. Simply amazing. Two thumbs up, Li San. Anyway, please check out her whole collection here at DevianArt. She’s happy if you have any comments ! Li San, can’t wait till you finish your next masterpiece, dear.


4 thoughts on “Li San, my talented friend (Part 2)

  1. Trust me, I know what is good when I see it.
    Your sketches definitely deserves to be voiced out.
    And, voila, here they are on my blog !
    I know I can count on you to amuse my eyes with more.

  2. Yeah, she just revealed her talents to me as well.
    I didn’t know about it either but since we know now,
    we can all look forward to her new masterpieces. *hehe*
    A bigger pressure on Li San now.

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