An e-mail from Mom & Dad

General Electric Co.

A pleasant e-mail from home

Dearest Son,

You’ve successfully qualified for GE two years training programme!
So, this is a great change and you dare to make change happen!
So, praise the Lord, trust in Him always!

Love and best regards,
Mummy and Daddy.

My simple reply

Thanks Mom and Dad.
The change.
Not going to be easy,
but my heart yearns for it !


Dad’s Reply

Yearning is what your desire longing for.
When changes take place, face it & deal with it.
With God’s grace in every area of your life,
then you will continue to change defeat to victory by faith.
Great joy and success follows.
Then, you change your life ahead.


I continued by saying

Bitter defeats, I’ve tasted some.
Unbearable challenges, I’ve survived them all.
The road is long and many more are yet to be seen.
But, I will always remember to count my blessings
and continue on this very journey of mine boldly.
So, what I seek upon you two dearest souls is
to be there when I heed for your words of wisdom.

Your son,


6 thoughts on “An e-mail from Mom & Dad

  1. Hey, sounds like good news!
    Btw, I’ll be in Tokyo again from 13th April – 18th April. Hope to be able to catch up with you again! Email me … I’ll be staying at the same place again. See ya.

  2. Merci, mon ami !
    Sure, do you have more time this trip ?
    You have to give me a treat.
    Yeah, am glad to get the job offer already.
    It is the GE Financial Management Program.
    A good chance to study up finance and work in the world largest company.
    But no one can outbeat you in status. *hehe*
    Anyway, we need to get the drink that we should have got during the last meeting.

  3. Terima kasih.
    Tapi, mula kerja tu dari bulan Julai tahun depan lar.
    Sekarang, blog banyak pun tak apa sebab masih seorang pelajar di universiti. *hehe*
    I will be based in Japan, of course.
    I am not sure which business I will be in first though.
    Will be able to experience 4 businesses through this program.

  4. Yes, I am.
    I can proudly say that.
    They’ve been real supportive by allowing
    me to be adventurous as I am now without
    actually saying “no” or “you’d better this and that”.
    Glad to have a family like mine.

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