GE wants me !

Endoru GE

Leadership Program at GE Japan
Financial Management Program (FMP)

Endoru Finance

It’s official now ! At exactly 7:18 pm tonight, I finally got the long awaited call from GE’s HR department and I knew at that very moment, I’ve got the job, the job that I really wanted all this while. Although I knew before hand that if I were to get the call today, which means ‘good news’, I was controlling my happy soul in order not to shriek out hysterically in front of the person in charge of informing me tonight. Oh well, I knew that if I weren’t able to get the call I would definitely get a nervous breakdown and am glad that God did not allow that to happen. So, my life in the next coming years after graduating my master degree will be with GE. Anyway, I would like to shout out my thanks to everyone who has been so kind and supportive throughout my whole job hunting which actually began around June last year. I did went through all sorts of trials which include the death of my beloved grandma but I am glad I made it through and finally, able to detour my life towards the goal that I always have been yearning for. Peace and I will update you all more later ! Gosh, I am so damn happy about this !


16 thoughts on “GE wants me !

  1. Laila, thank you !!!
    I am really happy as well.
    I think I will like the job for it is going to be challenging.
    Money saving, yeah, will do that.
    Might even join fan clubs to get tickets easily ! *hehe*
    Yes, let’s do go for all the fun concerts together again !
    Bila datang ?

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  3. hi andrew (i guess that’s your name, if not i’m sorry..)

    Congratulations on being offered to join the FMP. I’m also offered the same job, but for the malaysian intake. i’m wondering whether you know a lot about the program and the perks, because if you do, would you mind sharing with me? You could mail me, and we could exchange views on this. I’m really excited to be offered as this is like a dream comes true for me, so i just want to get as much information as i could. So if you have any informations, please mail me. i would really appreciate that.


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