Malaysia To Bloggers: Forget The Past, Let’s Be Friends


Malaysia To Bloggers: Forget The Past, Let’s Be Friends

From Blog Herald

Jalur Gemilang

Malaysia, a country located in the South Sea of China has decided that opposing dissenting voices just may be bad for elections.

So instead of persecuting vocal bloggers, the government of Malaysia now wants to make peace with those who shout out against it from virtual microphones.

Dropping earlier threats of arrest, the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition now says it wants to listen to dissenting voices.

The information minister, Ahmad Shabery Cheek, says he is keen to meet bloggers and build a bridge for a two-way dialogue between the government and people.

Last year, the Malaysian government had begun cracking down against bloggers in a vain attempt to keep them from embarrassing the current politicians (translation: providing opposing viewpoints).

But now that the previous government has lost a lot of its former strength, they now want to make amends with the bloggers they (at least before) held little regard for.

While the future has yet to be decided, the question remains: Should Malaysian bloggers cuddle up with their former foes, or should they look elsewhere? Hopefully history will record a wise decision regarding this government’s offer.




I got to know about this news from my Dad from our long chat yesterday night and he’s been warning me not to post anything political on my blog for quite some time and I did not really get the picture but I finally got to know the reason to why he was worrying. What’s wrong with raising our voice freely about what we have in our thoughts on the internet ? For heaven’s sake, it is the modern age and we know clearly what we prefer. Pure black and white when it comes to these matters. You don’t have to come and shake my hands to win my vote (though I’ve not voted before yet). You don’t have to give me free campaign T-shirts or persuade me to go waving your party flag and hear you blab about things, pretending to be all happy just for you to win your golden seat in the parliament.

Just do what you need to do as a politician (both government and opposition parties) which is to make our country a better county. We, youngsters, are clear and vivid in our mind of what we want. So, the question is no matter which one of you are ruling, how prepared are you to prepare us the country we want to have ? Pay more attention on those topics rather than behaving like a baby trying to reason out on why you had lost big or cheering up and down that you’ve got 5 states in your hand from the past election. Mr. Government, the reasons for the big lost are clear and the country has voiced out. So, win your votes with your actions. You guys should know better than coming out with silly ideas, wasteful efforts trying to win the hearts of bloggers for your next step. I am pretty disappointed reading this piece of news. A shame to what I have pride in. So, revive what I hold pride in.


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