Hafiz, my DJ friend


Hafiz Hatim, a growing Malaysian icon

Hafiz Hatim 2

Always been a music lover since young. Even had his own band.


Hafiz Hatim 2

His own personal posters. Not bad. *hehe*

A celebrity, that’s what he is now.

Hafiz Hatim “Rush Hour”
Check it out. Weekdays 4 to 8 pm. “Rush Hour

Another pleasant surprise headed my way when I got to know that my friend, Hafiz Hatim, better known as “Abe”, from secondary school as well, is currently a DJ at a rather raising popular Malaysian local radio station, namely Fly FM, (before this, introduced my talented friend, Li San, who drew fabulous sketches on guys that make her drool *hehe*). He has his own show called “Rush Hour” where he co-host with Shel, his partner. For fellow Malaysians reading this, be sure to check his show out which is on air every weekdays, 4 to 8 pm. Support him by listening in, people !

Here’s the frequency for your area and you can even listen to Fly FM online (Firefox & Internet Explorer). Abe, if you are reading this, yeah, you are featured on my blog today and yes, promoting your show as well. *hehe* My sister, who is in UM now, says that she enjoys Fly FM better than Hitz FM when I told her that you were hosting a show. Good job done, dude. Alright, I wonder which wonderful friend of mine will be featured here next ? Anyway, stay tuned.

P.S. Girls, according to my friend Li San, Hafiz is also one of CLEO’s 50 most eligible bachelors this year in the latest issue. So, vote for him okay ! Argh, he’s definitely becoming a celeb. Thumbs up, dude !


Hafiz Hatim, Bachelor No. 32


2 thoughts on “Hafiz, my DJ friend

  1. Of course, I am all proud of you people ! *hehe*
    Wow, really?
    One of the 50 most eligible bachelors in Malaysia.
    Good for him.

    According to what he said on his page,
    he has only one love and we all know who she is/was.
    Anyway, there are voices on the net saying he’s cute and all
    after googling for his info with Fly FM.
    Man, damn envious about that.

    What number is he anyway ? *grin*

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