Unbelievable voices


Marié Digby



Okay, let me start off by noting down how I came to know this golden voice. Well, some of you maybe thinking, "Hey, you are slow, man !" but, hey, I'm glad that even though I did take some time to find her, finding out about her randomly as how I did was definitely better than not at all. Here goes. Well, it is nothing that outrageous, rather than that, it is pretty simple. A friend of mine at Facebook marked her as his one of his favorite singers and I, who happened not to know her at all, out of curiosity, looked through her profile on Facebook and listened to the famous fire starter cover she's done with "Rihanna - Umbrella" and the very next instant, my heart got melted and I craved to see more and indeed, she had much to offer at her personal YouTube channel. Check out the rest. I personally enjoyed the "Linkin Park - What I've done" cover, the "Britney Spears - Gimme More" cover and the "Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder" cover.

Fellow netizens, we've seen again on how the power of internet turned a nobody like Marié into a star loved by many. Spread out the word and let's support her by buying her album when it's out. Can't wait for it to arrive here in Japan. Anyway, she's the daughter of a Japanese mother and Irish-American father. She plays the piano since she was a toddler and the guitar as well, amazing talent. A multi-talented singer songwriter which is definitely going to make the splash with her debut album. Her grandparents are in Kumamoto and that's one common thing we have together. The video clip where she introduced Suizenji-koen was something unexpected but amazing to see how people are linked up somehow.

P.S. Marié, do come and make live concerts here in Japan. I bet many of us here will love you and yeah, please do consider writing up some Japanese songs because that would something awesome. Or even perhaps doing some cover songs of the popular songs here in Japan. I definitely would love to see you covering up Utada Hikaru and Sheena Ringo. They are my top two favorites. And, yeah, doing some tie-up with the current great singers would be fantastic and a cover album of all your favorite songs would another masterpiece I would cherish. Two thumbs up !


David Archuleta



Next, the voice that I have in line is one of the famous voices on American Idol Season 7. I am no fan of the American Idol show and never ever did actually saw the TV program before but when I heard David A's voice singing my all time favorite song "Imagine" by John Lennon, I thought, "Wow, never did think anyone can do it as well as John himself." I came to know about David Archuleta because I was checking out who David Cook was since Li San, another talented friend of mine, drew an amazing portrait of him. Check out the sketch in my past few previous posts. Li San, David Cook is also a good singer I must say but this young boy is definitely a true talent. It's fun to see who would win the race. For the rest of you, you should check out on how he sang "Falling" by Alicia Keys when he was just 11. Amazing voice box.

Since he's a mormon, now I see how he learned how to sing a song beautifully, with the soulful voice that he has. But, I am glad his parents allows him to perform on stage like that because many mormon families here in Japan do not allow their children to glow as how they should be according to my experiences with some of the Japanese mormon friends I have here. Hate when they come ringing the door bells and trying to lecture you about the Bible. It's not right to force others to believe in something like that. Instead of spreading it the right way, you are just making a bad image of yourself. Although I have faith in Christianity myself, I want to be liberal in my religious thoughts and I think I am going a bit off the track here right now, anyway, David Archuleta's voice is fabulous. Amazes me all the time each time I hear his singings on YouTube. Check him out and also the other unbelievable voices on American Idol as well. Got to know about Taylor Hicks and he was amazing too. The famous Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry, the alumni of this show who had proved themselves in the world of entertainment and thumbs up for their hard work !


2 thoughts on “Unbelievable voices

  1. I certainly know you do, Li San.
    All the best with Michael Johns’ sketch.
    Can’t wait till you finish the whole thing.
    Hope that you’ll get through the whole tough hair part. *hehe*

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