Who hasn’t heard about it ?


Edison’s camera & his pink Mac


Edison & his Camera

Did Samsung know about his photography hobbies were a little bit different ?
Nice piece of work: professional photography and creative artwork done here though.

Till today I did not know about it. But, it did came to my ears and eyes eventually. I, too, will break my “silence” (been real busy lately, sorry) with this piece of news. It’s true that many lives has been changed due to this issue but hey, I guess that’s the risk celebrities have to take when publicizing themselves ‘too much’ to the world. They want attention, they want to be in the limelight and this is what every single one of them involved has to get, when a simple mistaken action by the led to this whole breakout of “documents”. The famous Thomas Edison made a bulb which led to lighting our dark nights but this famous Edison Chen created a ‘pink Mac’ or ‘the stuffed cotton candy Mac’ (some netizen made up this name) for his own self-pleasure, now turning to be a pleasure that all, as long as they want to, are accessible to, lighting up some of their darkest fantasies.


Apologizing on YouTube ? Now, that’s something new.

Well, to my point of view, this snippet of Edison’s apology is not making things better. It is pretty much a better promotion for the whole situation. It is true that he should be frustrated. Imagine you all over the place, on this whole World Wide Web, you posing in situations that you wished that they would all be privately yours. But, at the same time, he couldn’t have stayed away too long from not facing the issue. I give him the credit for able to come forward to the media to at least do an explanation (many would not need one though to understand but public still ask for it although it is so darn obvious) and not chicken out by sending himself off a building for so-called ‘ruining’ other people’s lives who were intentionally involved in his personal kinky photo shoots.


The technician, who did managed to solve his ‘problem’ and made a much BIGGER one with his famous “pink Mac” (wonder how would this effect Apple’s notebook sales and also to the sales of Samsung cameras since he was the marketing strategy icon for it) , was the first culprit obviously. He got frantic to come to know that the famous guy that came to him for a favor, was dating and having “fun” with so many women celebs, with proofs in his hands which he could not help but to let them go on the world’s fastest media – the internet. Reading through all the articles available, the word “netizen” frequently came up and technology actually comes to give birth to such a term where we all come under the same roof in this virtual world.


Some friends refer to him as a ‘hero’ (and guys you know why). Some friends say he has spoiled many men’s fantasies (well, personal fans you know why). Some friends say he revealed what people wanted to know, ‘behind the scenes’ and he proved it all true (gossipers and entertainment world junkies you know why). We all now have the chance to share what he has enjoyed and he has to bare it all on his shoulders himself. He did the right thing to leave the limelight but hey, it would be a misery that will haunt him for a moment still. Horrifying idea it maybe but things will come and go. Who knows that this would bring him higher up one day if he decides to make a come back in any form.


Ladies, those who were involved (not going to mention their names, search Edison’s name and you’ll find them), they have family matters to deal with but things like these will go off the front pages soon. Things like that lingers in history of course but for sure, something next will come up to replace it somehow. Even Hollywood no longer says ‘bravo’ to him in this globalized world although they allowed many to become even bigger icons of the world though they basically have the same history.


About the issue whether people would download it or not, I guess it is due to the availability on the net. So, I guess Edison himself enjoyed downloading and now, he feels how it is now to be in a form of what he may had been downloading. Let the netizens enjoy what they can get, because for how I see it, your apology is just simply promoting them to be downloaded rather than to be destroyed. Sad to say, that’s the case for netizens. You, alone, are powerless in the millions of hands that you are against with here. Will the world come to a point where they would need to shutdown this whole humongous networking technology when things get out of hands ? What other forms of fear that individuals might face due to this convenient yet terrifying modern tool we have now ? The answer lies ahead of us, perhaps not in our time. For the time being, Edison boy, if you had wanted the ‘pink Mac’ to be fixed so badly, now you have PCs and Macs all over the world, pretty pinkish with you all over in it. Download a copy now yourself somewhere (you reading this or even Edison himself) while stocks last.


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