Heart Station Promotion Video



Some people say that the video clip is boring, but I would say it fits the song very well since basically the song is like a thought in the mind while you are singing in your head and listening to some music, thinking of someone while you are traveling like for instance in a train. The word “heart station” and the train scene which links to the real physical station, kind of blends in significantly showing a scene that you would understand if you do take trains in Japan. I personally do what she does in this particular video when I do get on a train. Headphones buzzing my favorite music while my mind bewilders thinking about things that were mingling around in my head. It is artistic in someway and I love the first part where it starts off with her eyes. It is very unlike her in the sense for the past few videos which she had done with her ex-husband Kiriya, she was very exquisite and all indifferent with the sophisticated style. The difference shown in this particular video, I personally love this new style very much as much as I love the past ones as well so enjoy watching. Peace.



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