Heroes, all in a day


Season one, all in a day


I told myself that I wanted a slow and relaxing weekend and when I was thinking on how I should spend it, as shown above, yes, I’ve spent it watching the whole season one of Heroes. I’ve got the whole series from a friend of mine a few months ago but was waiting for a chance to watch it and when I went to GE Japan for a group work (partially for job searching) , while waiting for the staff to prepare the hall for it, I came across Heroes on the TV set available at the waiting lounge and that triggered a strong yearning to watch it. Many might not know this but GE actually owns 80% of NBC Universal, which is the producer of Heroes. Anyway, I know that I am a TV freak and for quite some time, I’ve been hindering from watching TV dramas because I know how addictive they can be but I sort of allowed myself to watch the whole series (all 23 episodes) as it was definitely addictive, wanting to know what’s going on next after finishing each episode.


It was great fun to watch the whole drama, from one episode to another, without any TV commercials in between. Can’t wait to get my hands on the season two but I guess the protest will definitely have a great effect on the production. Anyway, when I come to think of the reason of why I like Heroes, I guess it has all the essence of what a young boy would like to watch. Super power, dramatic actions, good vs evil, heroic scenes. I personally enjoy X-Men very much but I guess Heroes much better as it is a little more realistic. I mean isn’t it cool to watch all those actions and those powers that you wished you could have and all. I know how active I get after watching great Kungfu movies and I guess it’s in the blood raving for such “coolness”. Oh well, will we evolve into super power people someday ? Who knows ay ? *hehe* Imagine that some sort of ability would be unlocked someday. That would be so cool. Definitely a must watch for super power maniacs.


9 thoughts on “Heroes, all in a day

  1. By the way, I’ve found out about it.
    11 episodes and I’ve finished watching them all already.
    Can’t wait for 3rd one.
    Hey, GE, work out the strike so that people can see good drama. *hehe*

  2. Man I LOVE Heroes!! Season one is on TV here in Finland, though I’ve already seen it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on season two and more. ^^

    Claire and Hiro are my absolute favourite characters (though I like Peter and Niki as well). ❤

  3. Yeah, I love it very much as well. *hehe*
    Pretty cool drama right ?
    You can get your hands on Season Two already.
    You can watch it online at Stage6.com.
    Just search for “Heroes” and you will find all the episodes of Season Two
    Finished them just in a day again. *hehe*

    My favorite character, well, all of them are cool.
    Both good and bad.

  4. Hi Kit-kit !
    Never thought that this post will get so much attention. *hehe*
    I guess everyone likes the idea of having supernatural powers.
    Yeah, I like it very much as well and can’t wait for the next series !

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