Welcoming February


A snowy day …

Snow 1 Feb 2008
Snow 2 Feb 2008

Ahem, one week is going to pass since February has started off a few days ago. So, you may ask, how are things lately ? Well, my answer is not too bad at all except for the fact that it has been real cold lately and it actually snowed pretty heavily here in the Kanto area two days ago, making job hunting activities a little bit difficult for 2 reasons. The first is that the road to the train station is all covered with snow making the trip there from home a bit tougher than usual because you would not want to slip and get your working suit wet and dirty. The second thing is the coldness. Waiting for a train on the platform with the cold wind blowing directly at you … it just makes me go “Brrr!” just thinking about it.


Anyway, job hunting is going on well, I believe. The schedule for this month is unbelievably packed and I plan to share with everyone the details once everything is settled down. Currently attacking a few banks and financial institutions, going for a couple of internships at the end of this month and early of next month. Along with it are some exams, company briefings and interviews. Along with all that, I have a mid-term research presentation to do at the end of this month and preparation is needed to be done together with the job hunting itself.


The question is whether I will survive through such a busy schedule. Well, this chance to be busy is only once in a lifetime. All I need to do is to make sure I do survive because I seriously do not want to regret anything especially when it concerns about something to do with my future. The Chinese New Year is coming soon and I am not supposed to celebrate it according to Chinese customs due to respect my grandmother’s pass away but I do hope everyone has a special and happy one. Till my next post, peace. (P.S. The following are two shots of my room outside when it snowed lately)


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