G8 Summit in Japan

G8 Summit 2008

The top leaders of the world, from 8 countries to be exact, will group in Touyako, Hokkaidou, Japan this coming July. India and China top leaders are also invited to join the summit it seems. What will be the topics and what can we expect from this summit ? Environmental issues and solutions ? That’s nothing new but I guess it is high time that these leaders come out with constructive detailed schemes that they can act on in their countries respectively bringing great effect to the world in a whole as a group. Well, China and India are definitely not going to let go of this chance of growing rapidly for they’ve long awaited for this age to come to them and it is obvious that environmental problems are nothing in their eyes right now unless the 7 countries (United States itself ain’t that environmental conscious as a country in a whole) who are pretty environmental conscious now, manages to promote clean energy to empower the growing engines in the giant countries. Oh well, it is something we all can look forward to and somehow learn something about the future from the decisions made in Hokkaidou.



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