Lost on the 2nd day

Asashōryū Akinori Lost Jan 14 2008

I was at the Mitsubishi’s Corporation One Day Internship seminar yesterday and I did not manage to watch this match when it really happened. Able to wake up early today after keeping a steady life routine lately, I was surprised when I got to know about this from my junior’s Facebook status and watched it on sports news on TV. The match was fast but definitely a great match it was. Kisenosato’s right hand tsuppari caught him at the right place and pushed him out of the ring. What a bad lost for Asashōryū but thumbs up to Kisenosato ! They should give more attention to Kisenosato and report news based on his win instead of Asashōryū’s lost. I guess more attention would be given to a Yokozuna. Anyway, the flying zabutons scene was superb ! Really wish to see real sumo live one day.


2 thoughts on “Lost on the 2nd day

  1. Wow, that expensive ay.
    But still, when I have a chance one day, I would like to do so.
    Have you been to one anyway ?
    And, yeah, I guess you’re right.
    Since the 2 Yokozunas are around, tickets are selling like hot cakes.
    Thanks for the comment, Ben.

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