Introducing Taiyaki & Nattō

Taiyaki & Nattō

Hi there, everyone ! It’s already my 7th year here in Japan and ever since I’ve started my blog since 2004, I believe I haven’t been introducing the culture of Japan much and I thought it should be high time I do something about it. Today, I am introducing you, for those who are not familiar with Japanese food, to what we call as “taiyaki” and “nattō“. Well, the detailed descriptions are as stated above. About “taiyaki“, if you know Doraemon well enough, it is something like “dorayaki“, one of Doraemon’s favorite confectionery. I bought the ones above from a shop nearby my apartment and it is about 80 yen for one. About “nattō“, many foreigners and many Japanese themselves cannot stand the taste and smell. I, myself, could not take it too in the beginning but after going to Kyushu, I began to learn to enjoy it and now, it is one of my favorite Japanese food. It is good for your health and it is publicly known here in Japan to have a good effect in making your blood flow well. Alright, that’s it for today. I’ll introduce more in the near future. Peace.



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