Time flies

Have a nice day !

Hi there ! It’s surprising to see how time passes by and look, over a week’s time (8 days to be exact) has already passed since the whole world stepped into the New Year 2008. So, once again, a very Happy New Year to everyone and is everyone getting a hang of the New Year already ? As for me, I don’t really feel any abrupt change yet but one thing is for sure that I need to switch my current mode into a new one which will set me on the rail towards a change. I have nothing concrete in mind on how to define that specific rail so I will need to discover it bit by bit as the days go by from now on.

Anyway, let’s do some sum up on what’s been happening lately from the end of 2007 and up to now. Well, let’s see. It all began with a gorgeous year end dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo with close friend and juniors. Next, saying goodbye to 2007 and the new year countdown at a friend’s home and a gorgeous New Year lunch at a hotel the very next day after spending the whole night playing trumps with the usual group of Malaysian mates. Basically, my new year began by forgetting whatever that was bothering my mind last year and simply have fun with friends. We went shopping, watched movies together and what’s best of all is having all those simple chats and jokes we had.

After all the fun time, coming back to my own lair in Chiba, I’ve spent most of my days watching TV and simply laze around on my bed. I did not care to bother about anything but to just give myself a time away from all the worldly things. But, the great time has to go so fast and here I am back to my normal hectic schedule. It is all about the job hunting seminars and companies applications which takes up most of my time. Since I had put them aside for quite some time, I’d better get serious about it soon for the world does not wait to fit my pace. So, what’s the resolution for the year ? Well, I guess it is to get a job that I will cherish for my start in the working society of Japan and at the same time, work my best on my research to actually graduate. It is that simple and just as hard at the same time.

Alright then. That’s the ranting of the day and as how the cute picture above says, I just came by to quickly wish everyone a happy day ! Peace.


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